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Video | Western men tormenting Korean woman in nightclub

Spotted on Yahoo Newsroom:

Viral video of men tormenting Korean woman in nightclub sparks heated debate

A video showing two Caucasian men harassing a Korean woman has gone viral on Facebook, sparking heated debate online about the behaviour of foreigners when they’re away from home.

Warning: Graphic Content | Viewer Discretion is Advised 

Korean Woman Assaulted by Western Guys (Full)

The 78-second clip – which has since been removed from Facebook on Tuesday – shows one of the men harassing and hurling insults at a Korean woman, who appears to be drunk, while the other records the scene, which appears to have been shot at a nightclub in Korea. The video begins with a close-up of the woman, who is clad in black hot pants and tank top. The video lingers on a close-up of her thighs and chest. The man sitting beside her begins to gradually harass her by first poking his index finger into her nose and picking snot, saying, “I got a booger”.

The woman is then forced to eat her own snot before the man then proceeds to force open her mouth, commenting on the discolouration on her teeth. All the while, the man shooting the video is heard egging his counterpart on. Both of them further insult her by calling her “rancid”. At this point, the woman is shaken out of her half-drunk state and tries to fight back, responding to racial taunts with her own vulgarities. She eventually succeeds in pulling away from the man beside her, and escapes the room.

According to The Washington Post, the video was posted on YouTube in early June and was quickly picked up on Korean site The video post, which attracted nearly 100 comments, sparked a heated debate. Facebook user Rhys Flinter said, “Wow, utterly disgusting… The [Western foreigners] arrive at countries like Thailand, Korea and China to teach English and all of a sudden, women find them attractive and they are treated well just for being white.” Another Facebook user, Allen VH, said that not all foreigners behave “like that” while, Antone Nguyen, said that the men should not harass her solely because she was “drunk”.

Credits:Yahoo Newsroom

I felt that the video was rather disturbing and the behavior of these men towards her is really atrocious and condescending. What a disgrace!
Your thoughts?

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