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VIDEO: Child nearly falls from Genting theme park ride

Spotted on STOMP today:

Child dangles from safety bar after slipping off seat during Genting theme park ride

A girl slipped off her seat during a ride at Malaysia’s Resorts World Genting Outdoor Theme Park, which left her hanging precariously from the safety bar as horrified onlookers watched on.

A check on the website of the theme park showed that the minimum height requirement for the Rodeo Rider is 76cm, reports AsiaOneA video posted online shows the girl’s entire body dangling out of the gondola for about 10 seconds before she was brought down by the ride operator.

Budak Hampir Jatuh Di Genting Highland

Initially, parents could be heard chatting happily on the sidelines. But then, things turned awry when one of the children, a Chinese girl which appeared to be no more than five years old, began screaming and wailing loudly before she started to slip out of her seat. It was then that the laughter and chatter from the parents turned into shrieks and gasps of horror. Onlookers could be heard shouting for the girl to be brought to safety.

The child was seen hanging precariously from the ride’s safety bar. Her entire body was dangling out of the gondola for about 10 seconds before she was brought down by the ride operator and a middle-aged Chinese man. It is unclear if the man is the girl’s father or a bystander.

The girl was crying uncontrollably even after she was rescued and returned to the arms of a family member.

It has also sparked off a debate among netizens as to who is to blame for the accident. Some blamed the park’s staff for letting the child onto the ride in spite of her small stature, while others blamed it on the parents for allowing the child to go on the ride.

Credits:STOMP & AsiaOne

Who do you think was at fault here? Well, to me, I think that it doesn’t really matter especially since the child is safe and sound. Imagine what a SCARE it must have been for her parents!

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