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News Flash | Fire breaks out at Singapore Polytechnic campus!


According to sources, the fire broke out at Singapore Polytechnic’s staff office. And if you were wondering..classes will not be affected. Lol


Spotted on STOMP:

Fire breaks out at Singapore Polytechnic campus

STOMPers saw flames and black smoke coming from the Singapore Polytechnic campus this evening.

STOMP contacted the SCDF and a spokesperson said the SCDF received a call for assistance at 7.35pm.
The fire was put out around 8.30pm. Investigations are still ongoing.

Wrote STOMPer John:

“Singapore Polytechnic burns…Sitting here at home watching an education facility burn. Hope it’s not the chemistry building!”

STOMPer Bethany said:

“A fire broke out in Singapore Polytechnic at around 7.30pm. Fire engines arrived shortly. The fire was put out at approximately 8.30pm.”

STOMPer Jenny also sent in photos of the fire.

STOMPer DON wrote:

“I’m concerned about SP’s safety as this isn’t the first time that the school has caught fire. Moreover, in that room there are student’s year-long projects and research inside, so are they given extra allowances such as time extension to complete the project?”

elephantlover said:

“I was woken up by the ongoing siren and the bright light through my window, which made me curious so I went to take a look. It was around 8pm. I hope that no one is trapped inside or no one is studying in that block.”

According to the AsiaOne report, there were no injuries reported. Investigations are still ongoing.

Credits:STOMP Singapore & AsiaOne

Wah..heng no one was injured in the fire! Wonder what caused this though?

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