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Meet Wasabi Chan – A Super Kawaii Kitten on Instagram


This can’t be true..but it is.

Wasabi-chan, The Cutest Kitten in the World, Has Died

It is with great sadness that just days after we said goodbye to Homer the Blind Wonder Cat, another angel kitty has gotten her wings. Word has just come through Twitter that Wasabi-chan, the cutest kitten in the world, has died.

According to Mari Kiyomiya, who helped me translate Wasabi-chan’s owner,@Jessiepon’s, tweets from Japanese, Wasabi was brought to the vet this morning in critical condition, and was being treated in the ICU. A golden retriever, like the one she lived with at home, was in a cage next to her so she wouldn’t be lonely when she woke up.

Sadly, just a few hours later, Jessiepon confirmed that she had passed away at 6:30 PM, Tokyo time. “Wasabi was a brave fighter until the very end,” she wrote. “I thank everyone for the kind messages.” The exact cause of her death is unknown at this time.


Immediately teared up the moment I read the horrifying news.
RIP my sweet kitty. You’ll forever be missed


Meet Wasabi-Chan

She is one of the cutest and sweetest looking kitten on Instagram and this is her in her knitted Shimeji mushroom costume!(:

And more photos of Wasabi-Chan in her Tarako costume on the left and Wasabi plant costume on the right.

I know what’re thinking – isn’t this kind of like animal abuse by stuffing a poor kitten into such a restrictive knitted outfit?
But that’s not the case because..

  • There’s a reason why Wasabi-Chan has to wear them ;/

And here’s the reason why as explained by Wasabi-Chan’s owner – translated by Rinkya:

Wasabi-Chan’s Story


June 2nd, 2013

@jessiepon: ”I heard a horrible cry of a kitten, getting attacked by crows in front of my house. I immediately rescued her and brought her to the vet. Crows have eaten inside of the kitten’s mouth, to the point she can’t drink milk on her own. The vet had to insert a catheter directly into her stomach to feed the kitten. Her initial body weight: 210g.”


June 8th, 2013

@jessiepon: ”We’ve been feeding her milk in every 4 hours. Her body weight is now 274g! “


@jessiepon“Our kitten does not poop everyday. The vet said I don’t have to be worried about it, but still!”


June 9th, 2013

@jessiepon“Good morning! Today’s photo of the kitten <3 After the catheter feeding this morning, I wiped her face, and the scabs fell off. She looks beautiful! She couldn’t even open her left eye when I first found her, but now she can raise her eyelid gradually. Her tongue is torn up in half, so sometimes it hangs out of her mouth like this… ^^;”


June 11th, 2013

@jessiepon“Today’s photo! When I was taking lice out around her eyes, I heard her purr for the first time!  Her upper jaw is fractured, so it’s still bleeding a little. She is taking antibiotics, anti-inflammatory analgesic, and intestinal medication now.

“Also, we finally named her. Her name is ‘Wasabi-chan’ and she’s a girl. (*´艸`*)”


June 12th, 2013

@jessiepon“Thank you for all the support and kind messages! Wasabi-chan is improving a lot, she started nibbling her front paws today.”
“Her body weight is now 300g!”


June 15th, 2013

@jessiepon“She tries to fight back whenever we feed her with the catheter, so Granny made her this outfit to make sure she eats. A “tarako” Wasabi. Tomorrow we’ll go to the clinic again!”


June 20th, 2013

@jessiepon“Granny’s new hand-made piece! This is Wasabi-chan in a shimeji mushroom cover. We’ll start the catheter-feeding with this new outfit today!”

“Also, here is Wasabi’s profile: Used to be a stray cat / possibly quintuplets / female / initial weight: 210g (minus weight of lice)  / favorite thing: Granny / hates: catheter-feeding and mouth checkup / friend: stuffed mouse.”

Around this time, some people complained that putting a kitten in an outfit like this is an animal abuse, which drove the owner into having her Twitter account private. Clearly, these people have no idea why and for what reasons the owner makes Wasabi-chan dress up in it. It’s not for fun, but for feeding the kitten without her fighting back. Sudden movements can end up suffocating the kitten or hurting her throat/stomach! Luckily, @jessiepon opened up the account to public again.


June 30th, 2013

 @jessiepon ”It’s the first time Wasabi was able to poop by herself! Coincidentally, we have to bring a stool sample to the clinic today. Thank you for your help, Wasabi!”


July 1st, 2013

 @jessiepon“It’s been a month since I met Wasabi-chan! Thank you for everyone’s support. I made this photo to pray for the wellness and happiness of all pets in the world.”


So basically, crows had attacked and eaten the inside of Wasabi-Chan’s mouth plus her tongue was torn so she is unable to drink milk on her own. The vet also has to insert a catheter directly into her stomach to feed her.

Hence, the owner has to wrap and dress the kitten up in knitted costumes to prevent her from fighting back (Wasabi-Chan HATES the tube) as sudden movements may result in suffocating or hurting the kitten’s throat or stomach.

Luckily brave Wasabi-Chan’s condition seems to be improving based on her owner’s updated Instagram feed (@shimejiwasabi)!


Isn’t Wasabi-Chan one of the adorable kittens EVER?!
T_T and her story is so sad…I hope she can one day be able to recover instead of having to rely on the catheter forever..>_<

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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  1. what you are doing is absolutely fabulous, everyone here in canada is amazed and supporting your courage to help this adorable kitty!

  2. i am a grown ass man but i wept like a little kid when i heard news of wasabi-chan’s passing… very tragic and sad.. may her tiny little soul rest in peace.. her fighting spirit will be an inspiration for all of us who were touched by this little angel. <3

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