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SHOCKING | China baby run over by car after mum throws her out of window

Spotted on STOMP today:

China baby run over by car after mum throws her out of window

A newborn baby in Harbin died after her mother wrapped her in a bag and tossed her out from an apartment window, leading the infant to be run over by a passing car.

Viewer Discretion is Advised

Newborn baby wrapped in bag crushed to death by car after thrown off 3rd floor balcony

According to a report on Shanghaiist, the mother is an 18-year-old salon worker who gave birth on Jul 9, in the bathroom of an apartment she shared with nearly 10 people.

In her weakened state, she walked upstairs to a window between the second and third floors, and threw her daughter out. The baby was no longer breathing by the time a security guard noticed the bloodstained bag and called police.

It is not known whether the baby was killed hitting the ground or by the impact of the car.

Credits:STOMP Singapore

Wa. Super heartless! 

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