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VIDEO: Lotte Koala’s March Cookies | Chocoball Challenge/Koala March Shake

I recently had the opportunity to try out the 3 different flavours of Lotte Koala’s March cookies available in Singapore!(: Not sure about you, but I’ve never tried them before though I’ve seen them at the supermarkets all the time so I was pretty excited to try them out!

Basically, if you didn’t know – the Lotte Koala’s March biscuits are these bite-sized crunchy biscuits with a rich, premium quality cream filling and each biscuit is imprinted with a cute koala character on its surface!

Here are the 3 yummy flavours of Lotte Koala’s March Cookies available in Singapore which are:

  • Strawberry
  • Creamy Milk
  • Chocolate

* Imported from Japan & Thailand / Approved by AVA

Let’s start off first with my favourite Koala’s March cookie flavour – chocolate!

If you’ve never eaten a Lotte Koala’s March cookie before, here’s how they look like:

Oh and do you know?

There are a total of 365 different Koala characters imprinted on all the Lotte Koala’s March biscuits! And these delightful Koala character born from LOTTE KOALA’S MARCH, are not just any koala character as it carefully retains its image as a character born from a cookie snack. Its aim is to offer those who see this character the simple delight that comes from association with a character drawn on a cookie.

Well, I find them all really cute don’t you agree?(:

Okay, and now for the taste test!(:

Mm..when you bite into it, you will instantly get to taste the rich, creamy chocolate filling coupled with the super crunchy biscuit! What a super delicious combination don’t you agree? And it’s strangely addictive as I just couldn’t stop eating them(:

Best of all, do you know that there is this new upcoming trend in Asia right now called the Lotte Koala’s March Shake aka Chocoball Challenge? Basically if you shake a box of Lotte Koala’s March cookies for half an hour or 5000 times..something good will happen!

So I decided to take up the Lotte Koala’s March Shake aka Chocoball Challenge and here’s the video of myself doing it(:

Lotte Koala’s March Shake (Chocoball Challenge)

If you’re too lazy to watch, here are some screenshots of what I did in the video:

1. The BEFORE (Normal Lotte Koala’s March cookies)

2. Shook the Lotte Koala’s March cookies in the box for 5000 times for approximately 1/2hr+

3. My Lotte Koala’s March Chocoball is a certified SUCCESS because TADAA – it became a totally round Chocoball!(:

4. After cutting it into half, here’s how the Lotte Koala March chocoball looks like!(:

The bf and I also tried out results of my chocoball and this was the verdict:

  • Bf: Tastes better than the cookies and actually tastes more balanced
  • Myself: I prefer the original cookies before they’re easier to eat!

The next flavour that I tried was the Koala’s March Cookies – MILK flavour!

Again, unpackaged for your viewing pleasure. Basically it looks the same as with the chocolate flavour, but when you bite into it – now that’s a all new flavor indeed(:

The creamy milk filling in each of the biscuit was very generous and encased with the Koala crispy biscuit. I found it relatively sweet and surprisingly, there is no strong milky taste which I had expected. Instead, I found that the milk filling actually complimented the biscuit! Yums!

Last but not least, I tried out the Lotte Koala’s March Cookies – strawberry flavour!

Now one thing to note about the Koala March’s Strawberry cookies flavour is when you open the packet, the tantalizing fragrance of the strawberry will immediately waft out from it(:

Ah, and not sure if I mentioned it previously, but there are actually quite a number of cookies per packet. Like, if I’m not wrong, there are about 25-28 pieces! Rather generous don’t you think so?(: That’s why I brought a packet to work to share with the rest of my colleagues 😀

I found the taste to be relatively sweet as well but that’s okay because I really like sweet stuff and I thought the overall taste to remind me of Pocky’s Strawberry biscuit! Super delicious!(:


On the whole, I found all the flavours of the Lotte Koala’s March Cookies to be really great and it definitely makes a delicious snack! Plus, I’m sure most Singaporeans will like these cute Koala cookies too! S0 if you haven’t tried them, head down to your nearest supermarket or even selected Watsons to purchase them to try! You won’t regret it(:

At the the same time, why not try out the Lotte Koala’s March Shake (Chocoball Challenge) as well?

Lotte Koala’s March Shake (Chocoball Challenge)

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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