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Random Date | Despicable Me 2 Movie Review & Feasting on Pasar Malam Goodies

Yesterday was supposed to be a brunch date over at SPRMRKT Cafe Singapore but at the last moment, we changed our mind to head to Tampines Mall to watch the Despicable Me 2 movie instead!(:

Short Movie Review

Without a doubt, if you’re a minion fan this movie is definitely a must watch because it was a riot! Though it didn’t surpass the original Despicable Me, I felt that the sequel of Despicable Me 2 was still pretty good and of course, really funny.

The plot was decent, not too draggy and peppered with loads humor which is perfect for adults and children of all ages. But of course, the scenes that had most people in the cinema roaring with laughter was when the minions were around (duh) doing their ‘thang’ and basically their trademark slapstick humor.


Also, this movie will introduce to you..the evil minions which are these funny looking and aggressive purple mutated minions. The reason for their existence eh? Watch the movie and you’ll see!(: But that will only come like at the last 1/2hr or so of the movie? Well, I still prefer my cute yellow minions though!

And obviously, gotta love the songs featured in the movie! The bf is totally addicted to singing the minions underwear song! HAHA!

MINIONS – I Swear – Despicable Me 2 (Subtitled LYRICS)

Minions Song – YMCA – Despicable me 2

Oh and did you know that you can collect the different minion toys at Mcdonalds now?(: Read about it HERE!

Also, for all the minion fans out there..guess what?!

There’ll be a minions spinoff movie coming to theaters next year in 2014 called MINIONS. *screams*

Minions is an upcoming 2014 American computer-animated comedy film and a spin-off/prequel to the 2010 hit Despicable Me. It is being produced by Illumination Entertainment for Universal Pictures.  The film is scheduled to be released on December 19, 2014. The film was first teased in the ending credits of Despicable Me 2, where three of the Minions are seen auditioning for the film.


Okay, now moving on finally. So after the movie, the bf and I were just standing by a pillar when I randomly noticed a boy with an iPad sleeping in the coin operated toy car. At first we thought that the person standing next to him was his dad, but later the man moved off and he was just sleeping in the car.

Feeling a little worried as he was there without any adult supervision, we decided to stick around for awhile just in case his family was around like at Pastamania, Ajisen Ramen (opposite) or Time Zone but after about 20 minutes, no one came to pick him up. We tried different methods such as asking the people around if they knew this boy and of course, waking him up to get his parent’s contact number but he refused to get up =.=

Finally, I snapped a photo of the boy and posted it on my Facebook to see if anyone could help while the bf headed to the customer service counter to notify the staff to see if they could assist to locate the boy’s family. Luckily, it was really effective because within minutes, we spotted this flustered looking man running towards us and we knew instinctively that it was the boy’s father.

He thanked us profusely for informing the customer service desk and for watching over his son – and also told us that he had been searching frantically for his son and was going to report to the police when he headed to the customer service desk first. It was there that he was informed by the staff that there was a sleeping boy in the toy car as reported by the bf and – that was why he came up to check if the child was his.

It was pretty heartwarming to see their reunion and the bf and I felt really good that we did something good. Heaven knows what could have happened otherwise right?

But you know what surprised us the most? Well, how about the fact that we were the only ones who actually did that as there were so many people who passed by before us. From what we observed, most pointed at the boy and walked past minding their own business. Perhaps it never crossed their mind that it was a little weird for a little boy to be alone and asleep in the toy car? Plus he was there for quite awhile – I’m sure a couple of hours at least?

Ah well, moving forward, I’m just glad that everything is over!(:


Well, next stop, we headed to the pasar malam outside Tampines Mall/MRT to get some snacks and dinner to eat while watching Running Man at his house!

After braving the queues, heat and and the massive crowd, we managed to escape into air conditioned comfort and headed back to his place to eat(: And here’s what we bought to share!

1. Buttered Cup Corn – S$1.80

2. Muah Chee (S$2)

3. Fried Tapioca Cakes – S$1 for 3

4. ‘Shark Fin’ Soup – S$2

5. Ramly Burger (Beef) – S$3.00

Mm.. don’t they all look so delicious and yummy? It was my first time trying the Ramly burger (beef) and to my surprise, I really liked it actually! Plus its usually a MUST buy at all pasar malams!(:

Ended the day off by opening and checking out my new stock arrivals for GlamPuss!(:
Can you see all the pretty prints?

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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