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Everytime when I pass by The Cathay on the way home from work, I would notice this new Italian restaurant called Saizeriya Italian Restaurant  that just opened up recently and I had been wanting to try it ever since then, plus my colleagues have tried it before and said it was good! So on Friday night after work, the bf and I headed there to check it out!(:

Saizeriya Italian Restaurant @ The Cathay
Contact No. : 6235 5197
Opening Hours (all branches): Daily, 11am – 10pm

Founded in Japan in 1967, Saizeriya Italian Restaurant Group is a casual dining restaurant serves healthy, delicious and quality Italian food at reasonable prices. The group has more than 900 outlets in Japan, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shenzhen, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong.

———————————————-The Decor & Layout ———————————————-

I mean this banner displayed outside is just enticing don’t you think so? No GST, no service charge and it shows a carbonara and escargots priced at S$5.90 NETT each. My God?! Where can you find such prices in Singapore?!

So no surprise that the Saizeriya Italian Restaurant was really crowded when we arrived for dinner at about 6.45pm. Luckily there were still available seats because as you can tell, the restaurant is actually pretty big! Later when we left though, there was a massive queue waiting outside, but the turnover rate is really fast so the wait isn’t really very long(: You can even make your reservations here (unlike Astons!) which is great for big groups!

———————————————-The Menu & Prices ———————————————-

As usual, I have taken several snapshots of the entire menu at Saizeriya Italian Restaurant for your viewing pleasure!(: Mm, I would say that the menu is pretty varied and there are like super yummy and tantalizing photos of the dishes that  Saizeriya Italian Restaurant has available. Plus you gotta admit..the prices are just so darn affordable!

First up, we have the salad (left side) and soup ranging from S$2.90 – S$3.40.

Foccacia bread and garlic bread to compliment your soup or the meal.

Delicious looking appetizers such as chicken wings, baked asari clam, smoked salmon, oven grilled escargots, shrimp bbq, mussels marinara at super affordable prices ranging from S$3.90 – S$5.90!


Baked Rice Gratin/Doria starting at S$4.90 nett!

Pastas starting at S$3.90 – S$7.90 (max)?!

Really affordable grill – fish, steak, pork and chicken.

Decently priced desserts.

And if you were wondering about the drinks. Well, you can either pay S$3.90 for a salad and free flow drinks (self service).

Or you can just get the free flow drinks bar at just S$2.80! There’s milo, coffee, tea and all the assorted soft drinks available for you! All self service of course!

Once you’re done deciding your orders, catch the attention of a passing waiter by pressing on this button and a waiter will almost immediately approach you!(:

———————————–——————-The Food ———————————————–——-

Our food was served very promptly, and there was less than 5-10 minutes waiting time so we didn’t have to wait long!(: And here’s what we had!

1. Mushroom Soup – S$3.90

It’s pretty watered down, but decent in my opinion for the price. The bowl may look big but it’s rather shallow actually.

2. Foccacia – S$1.90

This just tasted like roti prata to the bf and I. Not sure why, but anyway, would order it again!

3. Potato Omelette – S$3.90

So this potato omelette is made up of various ingredients namely, potato, corn, bacon, egg and mushroom. There was just too much potatoes but the corn was delicious. Meanwhile, the egg tasted alot like chanwanmushi!(:

4. Spaghetti Chicken Bolognese – S$3.90

The bf had the cheapest pasta because he always takes bolognese. In his opinion, he didn’t like the sauce but he liked the price alot. In my opinion, I found the sauce to be relatively tasty actually. How conflicting right? But note that amount of pasta you get for S$3.90 – it’s really really generous. Thumbs up!

5. Spaghetti Carbonara – S$5.90

I was debating between the mushroom or their signature spaghetti carbonara, and in the end, I opted for the latter. Hehe, plus it was about S$2 cheaper than the mushroom one? Bf and I liked it, it tasted like most carbonaras you can get at any generic Italian-Japanese cafes so I thought it was pretty worth it for the price. Plus look at the amount of pasta!

So yepp, these were all the dishes that we ordered which came approximately around the same time!(:

———————————–——————-The Verdict ———————————————–——-

It didn’t take us long to finish everything as we were pretty hungry and the food was pretty decent!

Best of all, EVERYTHING above only costs a MERE S$24.10! That is like so freaking cheap especially considering the amount of food we ate!

Overall, I felt that the food was pretty good, service was prompt and efficient, the price is extremely affordable, so I have no qualms recommending you to dine at any of the Saizeriya Italian Restaurants around Singapore including this outlet at The Cathay!(:

Recommended for all people – couples to big groups looking for a fast and decent meal(:

Saizeriya Italian Restaurant @ The Cathay
Contact No. : 6235 5197
Opening Hours (all branches): Daily, 11am – 10pm

mitsueki’s Personal Rating: 4/5

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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