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1 dead, 2 sent to hospital after ECP crash involving Lotus and 2 other cars

I saw this news last night on the EDMW forums but there were no photos or any other confirmed details till I spotted the news posted on STOMP today:

1 dead, 2 sent to hospital after ECP crash involving Lotus and 2 other cars

A man was pronounced dead by paramedics while two male drivers were conveyed conscious to hospital in the aftermath of a horrific three-car accident along the East Coast Parkway in the wee hours of Saturday morning (Jul 13).

A STOMPer had sent in a report of the accident, coupled with photos that showed two of the cars which were now reduced to a mangled heap of metal after the accident.

In response to a query from STOMP about the matter, a spokesperson for the police said:

“The police received a call at 12.01am (Jul 13) requesting for assistance near the 18km mark along the ECP heading towards AYE. Upon arrival, it was established that an accident involving 3 cars had occurred. A man in his 30s was pronounced dead by paramedics on the scene. Two male drivers were conveyed conscious to hospital. Police investigations are ongoing”

Speaking to STOMP in a phone conversation, the STOMPer said:

“I came across an accident that took place along the ECP near Prince Edward Road, in the direction heading towards AYE at around 2.30am to 3.30am earlier today (Jul 13). Apparently, I heard that a red Lotus car was travelling in the direction towards Changi Airport, before it skidded and flung towards traffic heading in the other direction.

It then hit another car. If I’m not wrong, a few other cars were involved in the accident as well. I can’t be exactly sure about this but I think the male driver of the red Lotus died on the scene. I’m not really sure what happened to the other drivers, but I think he or she was conveyed to hospital. The accident caused a jam on the ECP as it took up about three lanes, which then had to blocked off.”

Credits:STOMP Singapore

Oh my gosh, the accident really looks very bad judging from the wreckage..RIP to the dead driver. Wonder what exactly happened though..

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