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Our 3rd Year Anniversary | Brazil Churrasco Sixth Avenue & Venezia Gelateria

It was our third year anniversary last Sunday and really, we didn’t really celebrate it much – except to eat a really good meal and enjoy each other’s company. So first up, due to time constraints, this was the only thing that I was able to do up on a last minute basis..and yes, they’re coupons/vouchers for:

  1. The bf to win any ONE argument with me
  2. Getting my bf a new pair of jeans and shoes

So as the day drew closer to dinner time, I was prepared and got ready my jewellery to wear for this occasion a simple pair of diamond earrings and necklace that he had given to me over the last 3 years together. Naturally these would have to be worn for this dinner right? Hehe.

Okay and you probably be more interested in where and what we had to eat right? XD


The bf made reservations for two at Brazil Churrasco over at Sixth Avenue which is at the Bukit Timah area and the reason why he actually knew about this restaurant is because his friends from the game, The Reincarnation treated him to a meal there. Plus according to him – it was fabulous and so he wanted to bring me there to try!(: Hence we ditched the usual hotel buffet and went to try out Brazil Churrasco instead!

Brazil Churrascom – Buffet for Meat Lovers
16 Sixth Avenue
Singapore 276476

Brazil Churrasco restaurant is the favorite place for those who are meat lovers. Restaurant is also famous for its smooth and exotic environment. The buffet spread includes a wide range of salad bar, wide range of meat, from topside, rib eye, lamb, roasted chicken, chicken heart, turkey ham, pork sausage, warm cheese bread and wide selection of deserts.

Here’s the exterior of  Brazil Churrasco over at Sixth Avenue. We didn’t want to park near the shophouses because parking seemed to be relatively insufficient there hence, he parked it over at Guthrie House which is directly opposite the restaurant. So you just have to cross the road to get to it(:

The awards which Brazil Churrasco has won over the years since like 1994! Like wow – I spotted this Gold Plate award which proclaims Brazil Churrasco as the best for meat lovers by Women’s Weekly magazine!

I felt that the decor was very reminiscence of an old world European restaurant but I think that’s just me because the bf was like..this is a Brazilian restaurant, shouldn’t it be a Brazilian restaurant decor instead? So okay, I think I’m not in the right position to comment XD But I have to say that the atmosphere is really cozy and relaxing – great for couples or just a place to chill, eat and hang out!

Moving forward, here are more pictures of the restaurant:

And a clearer one taken from their Facebook page:

Yepp, and here we are ready to eat!

But before I start, let me just enlighten you on the prices:

  • Dinner: 6pm till 10 pm @ Full Meal $ 45.00
  • Light Meal (Salad bar only) $ 26.00
  • Children Meal (under 12 years) @ $ 16.00

Once we were seated, we were promptly served a tiny cup of mushroom as seen below:

And complimentary Brazilian cheese breads if I’m not wrong (please correct me if I made a mistake here).

And Brazilian Salsa.

We were also given the drinks menu where we saw plenty of drinks available ranging from exclusive wines to cocktails/mocktails and other drinks. But note the heavy price tag!

The bf and I had the mojito and caipirinha respectively priced at S$12.80 each. Note that they are really heavy with the alcohol and I wasn’t expecting that! XD

We started our meal by heading to the salad bar counter which is situated right in the middle of the restaurant. All of the servers reminded us to go light on the salad bar so as to enjoy more of the meat, so we did just that!(: Meanwhile, here are some photos of what’s available at the salad bar counter:

^ Apologies for the relatively bad photography throughout here, the pictures looked fine when I took them x_x

Anyway, I found the food available at the salad bar to be really tasty and I loved the variety and most importantly, the freshness of many of the vegetables available! Everything I ate was fresh and crisp – really good, yums! I went back for a few rounds especially for the fried green beans and potato salad.

Ah and here’s a photo of us with our food kindly taken by the friendly staff. We didn’t even have to ask him to help us take a photo! Hehe

Now what’s so special about Brazil Churrasco will be – the only time you actually walk to get your food is when you plan to eat from the salad bar. With regards to the’ll come to you instead! And how is that done..? Take a look at the photo below taken from Brazil Churrasco’s Facebook page:

So basically, the waiters aka passadors will come to each table bearing a huge skewer and you just have to say if you want the meat or not. Then they will slice a piece for you neatly on your plate as seen below:

And seriously, I barely had the time to register what the waiters aka passadors say the meat iswe just nod and accept a slice ALL the time. So we had no idea what we were eating really. But all we knew – the GOOD!

For your viewing pleasure, I koped these photos from Brazil Churrascoc’s Facebook page to better showcase the different meats that they have available. Oh and you can’t choose what to have, it just depends but they’ll rotate frequently not to worry!(:

^ Above photos credited back to  Brazil Churrascoc’s Facebook page

Yeap, and so we ate..

And ate…

And ate…..



And omg, again……….

There was just no stopping of our jaws chomping away on the array of meat! This is when my plate was ALMOST cleared of all the meat!

And then HE came with more beefwhich I didn’t say no to. Lol.

Luckily, Brazil Churrasco will also serve a respite from the meat with their grilled pineapples which is TOTALLY delicious! And I think they serve to whet your appetite for more meat!(:

Nice glazed grilled pineapples super juicy and ohhh so sinful!

I couldn’t stop myself from eating them. But honestly, I ate too much =.=

After the short respite, it’s back to the meat chomping session again!

I even tried the chicken hearts for the first time in my life! They were really chewy .. but nay, I didn’t really like them >_<

Gah, and just displaying all the different beef I had at the same time!

And really, we just ate our fill till we were just absolutely SICK of meat especially beef and we have sworn off beef for the rest of the week. Finally asked for the bill which came to about S$136.06 for both of us including the 2 dinner and 2 cocktails. Rather pricey definitely, but I have to say – it’s SUPER worth it especially considering what we had to eat!

All the meat that I’ve eaten has been pretty good, especially the beef which  is like almost a perfect medium rare, tender and juicy and in general, the bf and I found most of their meat really tasty and flavourful. Wouldn’t recommend the sausage, lamb and chicken hearts though. Meanwhile, my personal favourites would definitely have to be the beef hump and beef topsidetry them and you’ll see why! 

Definitely would recommend you to check out Brazil Churrasco over at Sixth Avenue especially if you’re a meat lover! Remember to bring an empty stomach to eat your fill!(: Not forgetting to mention, the service is excellent there as well!

Brazil Churrascom – Buffet for Meat Lovers
16 Sixth Avenue
Singapore 276476

mitsueki’s Personal Rating: 4.5/5


We ended off the day by having dessert at Venezia Gelateria over at Guthrie House. At first we thought that it was closed, but actually, there was a power failure. Still, we decided to head in to have some gelato!

I had the cookies and cream gelato – sinful goodness! And totally overflowing out of my cup XD

The bf had his all time favourite – belgium chocolate gelato(:

So yeah, that was how our 3rd year anniversary was pretty much spent together before the weekday started again. It wasn’t anything special, but that’s okay because we had a good meal, enjoyed each other’s company and we look forward to many more years to come!(:


Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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