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mitsueki cooks! | Porcini Mushroom Cream Pasta & Tom Kha Soup

A couple of weeks ago on a weekend, the bf and I were just lazing around at the house till lunchtime and I randomly asked him –  do you want to order some food online or would you like me to cook? He gave me the du-uh face and said..the latter obviously.

Well..I should have known right -_-

But well, I was in a ‘mitsueki feels like cooking mood‘ that day so we headed down to the nearest Fairprice near his place to get some ingredients for a pasta dish and whatever that catches my fancy. So after that, these were the assorted random items that we bought:

The main reason why I wanted to cook pasta is because I had recently purchased this Pasta Sauce Porcini Cream Kit from MUJI quite awhile ago that I had been wanting to try cooking with. Plus the instructions behind looked pretty foolproof! Hehe

Honestly, I’ve only cooked pasta once in my life for my ex-bf like close to 5 or 6 years ago. I recall the spaghetti as being really, really hard but he ate it anyways and it tasted pretty blehh. Moving forward, I decided that my pasta was not going to be a repeat of that previous time – I was going to make sure that my pasta was at least al dente if possible which is the way that the bf likes! Ah, but this time I decided to work with linguine instead of spaghetti XD

Following the instructions on the linguine packet, I brought the pot of water to a boil and placed the linguine inside.

Adding a few pinches of salt and I just stirred to try to soften the linguine. Have no idea if that was even right, but lol.

I think I boiled it for like 10+ minutes till the linguine had the kind of consistency that I was looking for so I was really happy with it!

After that, I poured out the entire contents of the Pasta Sauce Porcini Cream Kit from MUJI and it looked really weird and lumpy. I was having my doubts but I followed the instructions to add in the full cream milk anyways before dumping the entire plate of linguine inside before mixing it. To my surprise, it actually looked and smelled really decent!

And tadaahhhh! One packet of the Pasta Sauce Porcini Cream Kit along with a small bunch of linguine was enough to feed both of us(:

Next now is the taste test of course. I was nervously waiting for the bf’s verdict and he rated it GOOD!

HAHAHAHA, like he could say otherwise ;x

So I also tried my own homecooked pasta and lol, I think it tasted pretty good too (not because I cooked it!). In fact, it tasted alot like many of the mushroom cream pastas that I had over at quite a number of Japanese restaurants. Mm, I think they must be using the same type of instant cream sauce kit too? Regardless, I was really proud that I was able to finally cook a decent dish of pasta, though the sauce was not really homemade, but well, at least I tried! Hehe!(:

The second dish that I ‘cooked’ was basically the thai coconut milk soup called Tom Kha Gai which is like my ultimate favourite Thai dish ever! I had a craving for it and since I spotted it at Fairprice, I was like – heck, I’m gonna cook Tom Kha Gai! Again, the instructions looked really simple – just add meat to the soup and bring it to a boil!

And so that was what I did!

Bought a chicken fillet which I sliced into random pieces. Lol, the bf was so scared I was going to cut myself. Like, chill really.

Afterwhich, I dumped all into the pot and cooked the chicken in the broth. Wasn’t sure if ..

  • I was supposed to cook the chicken first before adding it to the soup
  • OR cook it TOGETHER with the soup

So… I just went with what I thought was right.

And here’s the final outcome of my ‘homecooked’ instant Tom Kha Gai for the bf and I!(:

Unfortunately, the soup was so, so sour but the saving grace was least the chicken slices were tender! Rather disappointed about that 🙁

Cooking and prep time took me about 30~45 minutes in total excluding our shopping trip to Fairpriceof which can be such a hassle! Would have been easier if the bf had opted to order food online from places like Foodpanda instead of making me cook right?! -.-

Ah well, next on my list to cook:

1. Porcini Mushrooms and Truffle Triangoli

2. Vanilla Muffins (Baking~)

What about you? Do you prefer to order food or cook it?(:

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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