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Childcase Child Abuse | Boy stands with box covering head for three hours

On the heels of the recent child abuse at NTUC My First Skool childcare centre, Toa Payoh, I spotted on The New Paper today:

Boy stands with box covering head for three hours

Principal allegedly made school boy stand in corner with box on head — for 3 hours

Another possible case of abuse in a childcare centre has surfaced, with its principal accused of yelling at a primary school boy, slapping him and pushing him against a wall.

The principal then allegedly made the boy stand in a corner with a cardboard box covering his head for more than three hours, said a source close to the school. The boy was allegedly kept at the poorly ventilated corner and not allowed any food, water or toilet breaks as punishment for throwing a toy at a teacher.

The source, who called The New Paper hotline, told TNP yesterday that the incident occurred at a childcare centre in Tampines in April.

The principal has denied the allegations of abuse. Also, the principal of the childcare centre initially denied using corporal punishment on children, but her godson had later confirmed the identity of the boy in the picture as the name the source had mentioned. In addition, when asked, five out of seven children, accompanied by their parents or grandparents, said that there had been instances of caning at the childcare centre. Queried about their responses, she admitted that she did ‘hit some students, but only on their palms with a ruler’.

Credits: STOMP & The New Paper

Omg?! This punishment is for throwing a toy at a teacher?! That’s totally ridiculous! Of course, this isn’t as bad as the previous case but still..pretty scary huh to know what’s going on behind closed doors at a childcare centre..

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