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Cafehopping | Geisha Specialty Coffee Burlington Square

Imagine a cold rainy day during lunch the colleagues and I decided to head out to have some hot and delicious sliced fish noodles from the famous Hot Spot Restaurant over at Burlington Square. Afterwhich, it started raining really heavily, so we headed to a little café for some hot coffee and tea to warm ourselves while waiting for the rain to stop.

And this café is called..Geisha Specialty Coffee!

Geisha Specialty Coffee
175 Bencoolen Street
Burlington Square, #01-55 Singapore
Singapore 189649

Geisha Specialty Coffee is a self roast store (自家烘培店). We source the best beans and import them from all the world. Hand roast and hand brew. Strive to let customers taste the original flavor of coffee in a best way.

———————————————-The Decor & Layout ———————————————-

The exterior of the Geisha Specialty House is relatively eye-catching and it’s pretty hard to miss because of the multiple chalkboard advertisements displayed outside the shop. I also have heard it’s a rather popular place for the students of LASELLE to frequent especially since it’s just directly opposite the school.

A poster guide pasted outside depicting the different types of Italian coffee and what actually goes in a coffee for people like myself, who can’t differentiate between expresso, latte and all the different coffees.

The interior however is rather dark and it’s actually really small inside. But once you enter the place, you’ll be surrounded by coffee, literally and figuratively. There are sacks of coffee beans everywhere and coffeemakers while the strong aroma of coffee will hit your nose immediately. Even though I don’t drink coffee, I found the smell to be rather pleasant while coffee lovers will definitely love the smell!(:

As you can tell, it’s really small place, but they were able to accommodate about six of us at the back of the shop while the rest of the seats available are usually 1 seaters.

———————————————-The Menu  / Prices ———————————————-

As usual for your reference, I’ve taken several snapshots of the menu at Geisha Specialty Coffee for your viewing pleasure!(: I would say popular choices should be the Panama Finca Esmeralda Geisha Coffee and naturally, the Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee!

All their other specialty coffees available – and they’re pretty affordable I would say!(:

And naturally, their italian coffee selection(:

For those non-coffee drinkers, they also have a small selection of tea choices available and small bites.

———————————————-The Drinks ———————————————-———

After placing our orders, all our coffee and tea were served shortly. So here are some pictures of what the colleagues and I had!(: Enjoy!

Yepp, and I had Twinings Earl Grey Tea!(:

———————————————-The Verdict ———————————————-———

What Geisha Specialty Coffee lacks in space..I guess the drinks and atmosphere more or less made up for it as most of us felt that it was a really cosy and relaxing environment to be in while savouring some good, aromatic and hot brew (some cold) – both coffee and tea in this cold weather.

Alas, with great regret, we had to leave to brave the rain and head back to work as lunchtime was over.

But that’s alright I guess because..we’ll definitely be back for more!(:

Well, so if you’re around the vicinity and you’re looking for a nice good coffee or tea to relax with a friend or two, you might want to check out Geisha Specialty Coffee! There’s always takeaway if you’d prefer that too!(:

Geisha Specialty Coffee
175 Bencoolen Street
Burlington Square, #01-55 Singapore
Singapore 189649

mitsueki’s Personal Rating: 3/5

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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