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Singapore Blog Awards 2013 Award Ceremony

It was written in my New Year resolution back in January that I was going to join the annual Singapore Blog Awards in 2013 organized by and so I nominated my blog for about 3 categories during the nomination period.

To be honest, I wasn’t really expecting much hence, I was so surprised when I got called up by Janet of who informed me that I was one of the 10 finalists in the Qoo10 Best Shopping Blog as seen HERE.

After that, the month of June was extremely hectic and I churned out posts after posts during the 3 weeks period for the judges to judge upon and tried to garner votes. I knew it was going to be challenging for the latter, but I was quite surprised at the support that I received from everyone – my blog readers, Facebook friends, friends, the bf and basically everyone because..SOMEHOW I managed to snag the top 3 position in the votes that was worth 30%! However, content (70%) was what I knew I had to work on most and that’s why I really tried my best in all my posts!

You can read all of them here!(:

– Qoo10 x mitsueki // SBA 2013 (With Video!)

Step By Step Tutorials to Shopping at Qoo10
– Qoo10 x mitsueki // Introduction to Shopping at Qoo10!
– Qoo10 x mitsueki // SBA 2013 – Introduction to Qoo10 Mobile App

1. 3 Necklaces + 1 Bracelet – S$13.00
– Qoo10 x mitsueki // SBA 2013 – Qoo10 Loot 1 (Accessories)

2. Hair Curlers  – S$6.70
– Qoo10 x mitsueki // SBA 2013 – Qoo10 Loot 2 (Beauty)

3. Car Mobile Phone Holder – S$7.64
– Qoo10 x mitsueki // SBA 2013 – Qoo10 Loot 3 (Mobile)

4. Portable Mobile Charger + 2 matte screen protectors – S$7.70 + S$1.54
– Qoo10 x mitsueki // SBA 2013 – Qoo10 Loot 4 & 5 (Mobile)

5. 8GB Camera SD Card – S$14.20
– Qoo10 x mitsueki // SBA 2013 – Qoo10 Loot 6 (Camera Goods)

6. 3 Dresses – S$30.74
– Qoo10 x mitsueki // SBA 2013 – Qoo10 Loot 7 (Apparels)

7. 1 Cup Gelato and 1 Cup Yogurt – S$3.90 + S$2.50
– Qoo10 x mitsueki // SBA 2013 – Qoo10 Loot 8 & 9 (Dessert)

8. 1 set of pancake + drink & 1 set of crepe + drink – S$5.90 + $5.90
– Qoo10 x mitsueki // SBA 2013 – Qoo10 Loot 10 (Dessert)

Anyway, a few weeks after the closing date for the votes, today I attended the Singapore Blog Awards 2013 Award Ceremony held at Shanghai Dolly where the final results were finally being disclosed!

The theme of this years Singapore Blog Awards (SBA) 2013 was the 60s so basically the decor and everything at Shanghai Dolly was perfect for this theme!

I didn’t really wear anything special as I didn’t have any 1960s outfit in my wardrobe so I just wore a random recycled outfit that had polka dots on it paired with wedges and a cardigan (I NEED TO GET A NEW CARDIGAN)(:

Moving on, so here’s the main stage:

Seating areas

Hohoho and here’s the program guide as well as the list of finalists in all the categories.

My big fat picture here:

And the awards ceremony kicked off with a speech from the guest of honour – Mr Lawrence Wong (Acting Minister for Culture, Community and Youth) & Senior Minister of State for Communications and Information.

I was a little busy looking out for my category winner to be announced so I didn’t really take alot of photos at all.

Except for a couple of selfies and with the bf HAHA

It wasn’t long till my category came up hehe and guess what?!

Like OMG I freaking WON the Grand Prize in my category!! YAY!!!!

To be honest, I was so shocked when my name was announced because I seriously never expected this and my legs were wobbly as I got up on stage to receive my award from Doris from Qoo10 XD

Had an interview after that so again, I missed out on a couple of other categories. Will get that list up when I have the time. But meanwhile, just sharing a light meal that the bf and I had during the ceremony:

After that, more photos with the 10 main finalists winners and 6 other special category finalists winners on stage:

Ended off the SBA 2013 award ceremony with a short chat with Mr Lawrence Wong for all the winners and the Best Dressed Award:

10个主要奖项 (10 Main Category Award Winners)

Panasonic 最佳摄影部落格 (Best Photography Blog)
Christina Gao 高芳达

Exabytes 最具个人特色部落格 (Best Individual Blog)
Grace Tan 陈美玉

Levi’s 最佳时尚部落格 (Best Fashion Blog)
Jaslin Tan 陈思桦

Nanyang Optical 最佳生活资讯部落格 (Best Lifestyle Blog)
Jasmine Koh 许璇美

最佳家庭部落格 (Best Family Blog)
Ai Sakura陈素敏

最佳美食部落格 (Best Food Blog)
Tony Boey 梅天成

最佳旅游部落格 (Best Travel Blog)
Ng Sock Peng 黄淑萍

最不可思议部落格 (Best What-The Hell Blog)
Willy Wah华俊凭

最佳视频部落格 (Best Vlog)
Ninja Girls “忍者女生”

最佳微型部落格 (Best Microblog)
Leonard Lim 林延德


Panasonic 最受欢迎本地名人部落格/微博 (Most Popular Overseas Celebrity Blog)
欧萱 (Jeanette Aw)

Panasonic 最受欢迎海外名人部落格/微博
小鬼 Alien Huang(黄鸿升)

7个赞助奖项 (Special Category Awards)

Panasonic Best Beauty Blog

Panasonic Best Cooking Blog

Panasonic Best Eco-Challenge Blog
Ivan Kwan

Glossi Best Modelling Blog
Karen aka Renzze

JBL Best Pop/Music Blog

Levi’s Best 501 Interpretation Blog

Qoo10 Best Online Shopping Blog

Daphne (1st prize)
Andy Kwan (2nd prize)
Regina Chow (3rd prize)
Luke Phang (3rd prize)
Jia Hui (3rd prize)

Overall..a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to all the Main & Special Category Award Winners of the SBA2013! To the rest that didn’t win – no worries, EVERYONE are WINNERS!(:

When we came back after the end of it all, I was still reeling in shock that I actually won and kept asking the bfhow come I won? Lol..

In case you were wondering, only the main award winners get the trophy and certificate plus a trip (and some random prizes each) while the special category winners only get the certificate as seen below as well as the prizes sponsored by the respective sponsors in the category(:

My category’s sponsor was Qoo10 and to be honest, I really loved the prize more than any other categories (including the main) because well..I won S$500 cash and a S$500 Q-Prime Platinum Coupon Book! And this translates to EVEN MORE SHOPPING ON Qoo10! HAHAHAHA!

All guests also received a yummy goodie bag for our attendance at the SBA 2013 award ceremony and if you didn’t already know – I love freebies (LOL)! Anyway, just to share the contents of the goodie bag with you:

And of course..we must always have a picture to keep as a keepsake(:

I just wanted to end off to say what I mentioned in my previous post..


1. The lovely people at for organizing the annual Singapore Blog Awards
2. My category sponsor: Qoo10 and the team behind it
3. All my wonderful readers, voters, friends and the bf who have been supporting and voting for me since the beginning


Please do continue to support my blog I’ll always try my very best to update it everyday for the latest and interesting news, my cafe hopping experience (just starting to!), dining experience and basically all things that I hope that you will enjoy reading!(:

Looking forward to the next Singapore Blog Awards in 2014!(:

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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