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Maid kicks 4 year old boy and warns him not to tell parents

Spotted on STOMP as well:

Maid kicks 4 year old boy and warns him not to tell parents

A young boy sustained a deep cut in his mouth when he fell down after his maid apparently kicked him on the back. The incident came to light when the boy’s childcare teacher noticed the injury and informed his parents.

STOMPer Faith wrote:

A four-year-old boy was abused by a maid inside a lift on July 5The maid was bringing the boy to school and kicked him from the back and threatened him not to tell his parents and grandma.  The boy’s childcare teacher found out about the injury and informed the parents.

The boy cried and told his teacher and principal that he was being abused by the maid. The fall left a deep cut on the boy’s mouth so the parents decided to make a police report. This maid had been caught smoking and stealing money previously, but the employers decided to give her a chance.  However, this chance resulted in a bad injury for their son. The police are still investigating the case.”

Credits: STOMP Singapore

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