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Cafehopping | Dulcet & Studio Liang Court

After attending the Singapore Blog Awards Ceremony at Shanghai Dolly hosted by on Saturday, the bf and I decided to head to a random cafe at Liang Court nearby for a celebratory meal because if you didn’t already know..I’m the winner in my category – Qoo10 Best Online Shopping Blog!

You can read about the Singapore Blog Awards Ceremony HERE.

Anyway, so I spotted this relatively cute Japanese cafe at the entrance of Liang Court called Dulcet & Studio which caught my eye because of the tantalizing displays of pastries!(:

Dulce & Studio
177 River Valley Road #01-41/42
Liang Court Shopping Centre Singapore
Singapore 179030

———————————————-The Decor & Layout ———————————————-

According to Dulce & Studio’s Facebook page, the cafe was designed by top Japanese designers based out of Tokyo with the desire to provide consumers with a wide variety of food as well as to create a fun learning environment whilst interacting with one another.

So here’s the entrance to Dulce & Studio.

As mentioned, my attention was caught because of the yummy cakes on display as seen below:

The interior layout:

———————————————-The Menu  / Prices ———————————————-

After looking at the menu and set meal on display, we decided to head in to try it out!(:

Below are the pictures of the menu for your reference. I thought that the menu was pretty comprehensive as there’s something for everyone!

They even have Syphon coffee!

I think their drinks are rather expensive though. Like omg, S$6 for homemade lemonade?!

*Above photos credits to Dulcet & Studio’s Facebook Page

————————————— Order Process & The Food  ————————————–

Unlike most cafes, Dulcet & Studio is a self service restaurant, so they don’t charge any service charge as seen below:

To order, you just have to fill up this order form and bring it to the cashier:

After making payment, you’ll get an order number and you just have to wait for your food to be served!(:

Here’s what we had:

1. Classic Black Pig Bolognese Fettuccine – S$13.00

The bf had the bolognese because he’s a huge fan of it so he’s always trying out the bolognese at the cafes/restaurants that we go to. His verdict? Well,  he found it to be really tasty though I found it a little too salty, hehe. He savoured every bite of it and said it was a dish he would definitely order again(:

2. Woodman’s Mushroom Cream Tagliolini – S$12.00

I’m the huge mushroom fan so naturally this mushroom cream tagliolini was what I ordered. It came with bacon which I found a little weird (and threw it to the bf since he loves it) but really, the mushroom cream was the bomb! It tasted great mixed with the generous serving pasta and the mushrooms were perfect! All in all, again a dish I would order again at the cafe and recommend for you to try!(:

3. Coke – S$2.80

We also shared a coke between both of us since I don’t really drink much anyway XD

And here’s our two pasta -いただきます (itadakimasu)!

———————————————- The Verdict ———————————————-

The verdict is pretty obvious from our two empty dishes huh?

So you can tell that we really did enjoy our meal at Dulcet & Studio. Hehe, and there’s really nothing much else I would like to add really.

Best of all, I think that the meal is still pretty affordable at just S$28.00 for our 2 pastas and a drink!(:

Overall, yes I would recommend you to try out Dulcet & Studio! For myself..I’ll definitely be back to try the doria maybe? Or the chiffon cakes which I’ve heard other bloggers rave about and of course, I would want to try that Mushroom Cappuccino which I forgot to order! >_<

Dulce & Studio
177 River Valley Road #01-41/42
Liang Court Shopping Centre Singapore
Singapore 179030

mitsueki’s Personal Rating: 4/5

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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