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Shandong driver in hit-and-run later discovers victim is own dad

Spotted on STOMP today:

Shandong driver in hit-and-run later discovers victim is own dad

In an ironic twist of fate, a Shandong man who nearly killed a scooter rider in a hit-and-run accident later discovered he had injured his own father.

According to Shanghaiist, the accident happened last Sunday, and the son was a man surnamed Li. He was driving a van in the early morning when he hit a man on a scooter. Fleeing the scene before checking on the man or calling for help, Li tried to hide evidence in an auto body repair shop. However, police responded quickly and soon found the culprit. After some questioning, Li soon discovered the victim was his own father.

The police were gracious enough to let him return home to take care of his injured dad, and they also sympathetically chose not to tell Li’s father his own flesh and blood was the one who had run him down and fled the scene.

Nevertheless, Li cannot escape the long arm of the law. He will still face charges for his traffic violation, and whether his father finds out is up to Li or through media reports.

Credits:STOMP Singapore

My gosh..that’s really unfortunate. Can’t believe that the son tried to drive off after hitting someone. But then again, as mentioned in my previous post HERE..

It’s common understanding of the law in China that when a vehicle hits somebody and if he or she is still alive, the compensation paid out to the victim could be extremely highIf the victim is dead, the fine is still affordable to the driver.

Anyway, luckily the dad didn’t die or it will be really tragic ;/

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