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SUV driver arrested for drink driving after crash broke legs of girl 18 and boy 5

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SUV driver arrested for drink driving after crash broke legs of girl 18, and boy 5

An 18-year-old girl and a five-year-old boy who were waiting at the traffic lights was injured in an accident at the junction of Tampines Avenue 4 and Tampines Street 91 on Wednesday (June 3).

According to a report in The New Paper, an eyewitness said the accident happened at around 6.30pm when a car suddenly overtook another at the junction, after the green turning arrow came on. The overtaking SUV then went out of control and headed straight for the walkway and hit two pedestrians – the boy and the girl – who were waiting at the traffic lights.The car then crashed into a school fence and came to a stop.

Mr Saroor Noruden, 20, who works at a prata shop opposite the accident site, said he saw a man cradling the child in his arms and crying.

“I saw him holding the child and the woman just lying there,” he recounted. It looked like the woman had passed out The girl suffered lower limb fractures, while the boy sustained an open fracture on his leg, the Singapore Civil Defence Force said. An open fracture is an injury where a broken bone sticks through the skin.

A police spokesman said the male driver was arrested for drink driving. 


Gosh..seriously? People who drink should know better to drive -.-
Such irresponsible behavior leads to this type of accidents and affects innocent bystanders like the poor girl and boy.

Wish the penalty will be increased to deter such behaviour, but luckily in this case, there were no unfortunate losses. If not, it would be a huge tragedy.

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