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Cafe Hopping | Merely Ice Cream

I’ve passed by this ice cream cafe called Merely Ice Cream quite a number of times during my lunchbreak at work when my colleagues and I head down to Sunshine Plaza for lunch and I have been wanting to try the ice cream for quite awhile (but been too lazy to head there after work). Well finally, I finally had the opportunity to check out the ice cream cafe as the colleagues decided to have ice cream today! Yay!

Merely Ice Cream
Sunshine Plaza #01-13
91 Bencoolen Street, Singapore 189652

———————————————-The Decor & Layout ———————————————-

So, Merely Ice Cream is a rather nondescript ice cream cafe located at Sunshine Plaza and to be honest, you might miss it while walking on the way – which is what I did until I started noticing it recently as mentioned. I didn’t manage to take a photo of the exterior of the cafe, so here’s a old picture grabbed from Merely’s Facebook page as seen below – but note that now it’s without the eye-catching and colorful ice cream post-it.

The rest of the interior is done up rather simply and I adore these charming rustic wooden furniture.

The tables are perfect for large group gatherings(:

I also love the idea of these doodles as table decor which are drawn by the Merely Ice Cream customers if I’m not wrong as seen from their Facebook album here. Spotted quite a number of talented artists and I’m not too surprised considering that Laselle is really close by!

———————————————- The Food/Ice Cream  ———————————————-

When we went there on 5th July, these were the ice cream flavours that were available.

Non Alcoholic Flavours

Salted Butterscotch
Dark Chocolate
Rootbeer Float
Milo Fudge Cake
Peanut Butter
Madagascar Vanilla (running low)
Gula Pandan
Peppermint Mocha
Breakfast Cereal
Red Velvet Cake (running low)
Green Tea

Alcoholic Flavours

Bailey’s Coffee
Rum and Raisins
Chocolate Stout (running low)

In case any of the above runs out, the following will be the replacement

Earl Grey
Horlicks Panda

And here are the ice cream in their full glory!

Like most handcrafted ice cream cafes, Merely Ice Cream does experiment and come up with new flavours every now and then. Some interesting flavours that they have come out with include:

1. Horlicks Panda

2. Chocolate Stout

3. Red Velvet Cake 

4. Salted Butterscotch

5. Gula Melaka

Of course, that’s not all – you should drop by to check out and try out these interesting flavours!(:

————————————— Menu / Pricing / Tasting ————————————–

This is a snapshot of the menu over at Merely Ice Cream and as you can see, other than the ice cream, they also have waffles and Gryphon Tea available. Meanwhile the basic prices of the ice cream are as follows:

  • Single Scoop – S$3.30
  • Double Scoop – S$5.60
  • Triple Scoop – S$7.90
  • Include Cone/Bowl (Freshly Made) – +S$0.50

My colleagues, Jaeq, Lloyd and I after ordering our ice cream!(:

Just in case you were wondering, I’m a pretty boring ice cream person so I only take the basic flavours. Hehe so here’s mine which is Madagascar Vanilla Ice Cream which is a personal favourite. I tend to prefer vanilla ice cream that has these little black flecks in it because it shows that it has been made with vanilla seeds – in this case, it was made using premium Madagascar Vanilla pods making it an a really nice, creamy and aromatic ice cream. Yums!

Koped from Lloyd’s Facebook – he topped up for the waffle cone which he said tasted awesome. Gonna try that the next time too!

So, both Jaeq and Lloyd had the Red Velvet Ice Cream flavour and I tried a scoop from Jaeq as seen below. I could taste bits of the red velvet cake in the ice cream and Jaeq also mentioned that she could also taste the cream cheeseof which lingers in the mouth after that.

Meanwhile, the rest of my colleagues tried other flavours too, but I didn’t manage to snap a photo of those, so these will have to suffice!

———————————————- The Verdict ———————————————-

On the whole, everyone loved their ice cream, including myself and I would recommend you to drop by to try out Merely Ice Cream too especially for their interesting flavours.

For myself, I would mostly likely be back too to try out some of their other flavours such as:

Dark Chocolate

Mango Sherbet

Of course, the flavours are all subject to availability(:

Merely Ice Cream
Sunshine Plaza #01-13
91 Bencoolen Street, Singapore 189652

mitsueki’s Personal Rating: 3.5/5

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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