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Woman hit by truck in China begs driver not to run over her

Spotted on STOMP and ChinaSmack today:

Woman hit by truck in Henan China begs driver not to run over her

On the afternoon of June 30, at about 1:30pm, a traffic accident happened in Henan Xingyang City. The woman who was hit by the truck was stuck under the wheel, yelling in pain, and begged “don’t run me over”.

The driver is checking the injured woman.

During the time of the accident, netizen Nie Zhiyi was driving by. He saw a [woman riding a] motor scooter changing the lane from an alley to the road. With a loud noise, a big red cement tanker with license plate number “豫A-G2798” crashed into the motor scooter. The motor scooter was pushed forward by the huge impact, clashing against the road, sparks flying. This picture is of the driver checking out the injured woman when seeing Nie was taking photos.

The driver and the injured woman.

He could see clearly that it was a middle-aged woman wearing a red blouse who got hit, stuck in the space under the wheel, with blood all over her face, and still alive.

The driver and the injured woman.

The truck driver realized that something was not right, plus someone was taking photos, so he stopped the truck immediately and came out to see what went wrong. According to Nie, when the driver stood up during the process, the woman was clearly freaked out, kept yelling she was in pain and begging “don’t run me over”. This picture is of the driver standing back up, with the injured woman fearfully pleading.

The driver is checking the injured woman.

When the driver bent over again, Nie (the person who photographed the incident) called the police.

120 is taking the injured woman away.

120 [emergency medical service] taking the injured woman away. From the look of it, she was badly injured.

Credits: ChinaSmack

If you were wondering why she was begging for him not to run her over..that’s because:

It’s common understanding of the law in China that when a vehicle hits somebody and if he or she is still alive, the compensation paid out to the victim could be extremely high. If the victim is dead, the fine is still affordable to the driver.

Luckily this guy DID stop but only because he realized someone was taking photos. If not, remember the case a few years ago where a young toddler was run over in China TWICE deliberately?

WTF?!?! 2YR Chinese girl ruthlessly run over twice and pedestrians do nothing

According to the first driver that was caught, he said this:

Chinese authorities have supposedly have caught the first driver (the second is no worse in my opinion). “If she is dead, I may pay only about 20,000 yuan ($3,125). But if she is injured, it may cost me hundreds of thousands yuan,” said the driver over the phone to the media, before he gave himself up to the police.

I feel really sad that such laws are implemented. Shouldn’t it be the opposite instead? And why no jail term or severer penaltyif the person kills someone in a hit and run or even injures someone? Is a human life that worthless? ;/

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