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What’s in the NDP 2013 Goodie Bag?

To be honest..one of the main reasons why I balloted the tickets for the National Day Parade every year is because I want to secure the bragging rights to say that I have the NDP Goodie / NDP fun pack! Yes I know..it’s so lame right? XD

However as usual, I didn’t manage to get any tickets from the ballot, BUT I saw that they have unveiled the contents of the NDP 2013 fun packs on their Facebook page – NDPeeps!

Also spotted on STOMP:

NDP goodie bag design and contents spark debate amongst S’poreans

This year’s National Day Parade goodie bag’s design and contents have sparked a flood of both negative and positive comments from facebook users within hours of being unveiled online. The goodie bag designed for Singapore’s 48th birthday contains a souvenir book, flute, mini-banner as well as familiar items like mini Singapore flag, ponchos, and snacks. The NDP executive committee 2013 revealed the pack, which is white and in the design of a sail, on Wednesday and within a short span of few hours it has brought in a number of netizens comments.

One comment stated: “Yeah right Karl Lagerfeld would love to have one! Rolls eyes!” A facebook user also commented on the sail-shaped design of the bag, saying that “it doesn’t look like a sail to me, at least from this picture. It just looks like some normal plain white bag that invites kids to draw on.”

Although the NDP organisers had designed the funpack in hope that people will use it even after the parade rather than tossing it aside, it seems that the organisers’ hope may be dashed, judging from the reactions of Facebook users: One said: “I’ll pass! Another user commented that “Some people would never want to be caught dead carrying that”, and suggested that the “organisers should have a donate-your-fun-pack bin/counter.” One even said: “Nice try, but nope. It is destined for our landfills…which is a good thing I guess because when we throw it away, Singapore can grow in size..”

Credits: STOMP Singapore

What do you think eh?

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