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AUUM – The Honest Nail Spa

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If you subscribe to me on Facebook or follow me @mitsueki on Instagram, you would have noticed that I recently had my nails done at..

Auum – The Honest Nail Spa!

Before I start to share my experience at AUUM – The Honest Nail Spa, I’m going to help answer the first question that must be in your mind right now:

What do you mean by Honest Nail Spa..?

Basically, AUUM calls themselves the “honest nail spa” because firstly, unlike many nail salons they will educate their customers on all the products that they use but more importantly, they will let you, the customer make your own informed decisions about what you want to do with your nails – so there’s no hard-selling of nail packages to you or anything along that line. Best of all, everything at the nail spa is 3-free/5-free and vegan friendly, plus they have treatments and products catered for vegans, pregnant mums, and even kids too!

AUUM also upholds a strict hygiene standards where they only use disposable towels, nail files, foot files, and toe separators. All the other tools are disinfected and cured under UV light(: Just to share – one of the main goals of AUUM,  fueled out of passion – is to change the nail industry’s standards by offering the best services and products that the gorgeous owner, Lung Lung can find and educate customers on the harmful effects of normal nail lacquers and other options they can choose!
Most importantly, Auum believes in making your nails as beautiful as they can – and at the same time, with as little harm as possible coupled with personalized service for everyone from men, children, expectant mothers and basically everybody!
I was intrigued by the unique concept of AUUM, so I was really excited to head down to The Grandstand (used to be Turf City) last Sunday to try out the nails services at AUUM in order to share my experience on my blog!(:

The Grandstand Bukit Timah
200 Turf Club Road Singapore 287994
T: 9471 4969 | E: | W:

AUUM is located at a little corner behind Bonheur Patisserie at Pasarbella, a few steps away from The Grandstand.  And to be honest, it took us awhile to locate it as we walked through Pasarbella and we just had no idea where! Hehe. Well, my first impression of it was that it gave off this cheery and rustic feel and as the bf and I approached to peek inside, we were warmly greeted by the gorgeous owner of AUUM, Lung Lung. It was a little busy at that time, so we decided to explore Pasarbella while having a lunch-tea break(:

More details on our Pasarbella ‘tour’ in my upcoming blog post! And now back to AUUM(:

As you enter AUUM, this is what you’ll see on the right – a small display table of their lovely nail art drawn by their in house nail manicurists as well as their namecards:

Here’s a closer look!(: Mm, not sure about you, but I really loved the last nail art set on the right with roses!

When you venture in further, you will notice the typical nail salon display area showcasing the gorgeous myriad of nail polishes colors as well as swatches for you to choose from.

Well, as you can tell – AUUM is not a very big salon, but yet, I found it to be really nice, homey and a little quaint. I also loved the entire decor especially the plush English cottage armchairs as seen pictured below! They are really comfortable(:

And here I am, seated on one of the plush armchairs waiting for my nails to be pampered at AUUM with the bf seated at the next seat. Hehe!

Having said that, Lung Lung came to us to explain about the concept of AUUM, her passion, AUUM’s philosophy and goals (which I mentioned earlier) and she also showed me her nail polish and nail wrap options available.

Pictured below are one of the products that AUUM carries and they are these NCLA Los Angeles designer nail wraps which is a luxury nail product imported from California, USA used by many Hollywood celebrities on the red carpet. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any of these gorgeous nail wraps used in any of the nail salons in Singapore just yet – but this brand is pretty big in the United States! So you can come try them out at AUUM if you’d like!(:

Here’s a shocking fact about AUUM that seriously caught me off guard when Lung Lung (the owner) told me about it:

AUUM does NOT carry the generic/standard nail polishes brand such as OPI, China Glaze or other generic nail polishes from China/Korea, etc.

And the reason behind this as explained by Lung Lung is because some of the above nail polishes actually contain harmful toxic substances which is bad for our general health and they do damage our nails. This is why AUUM only carries less/non toxic 3 Free and 5 Free nail polish brands such as:

1. Scotch Naturals (5 Free – No Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, and Camphor)
*Eco friendly and toxic free!

2. Deborah Lippmann (3 Free – No Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, and Formaldehyde)
*Hollywood Celebrities use these!

Having said that, let’s take a look at all my nails taken the night before I went down to AUUM.

And now, let’s start doing my nails!(: Oh and this photo, she’s helping me to disinfect my nails and hand area before starting on doing the essential manicure where she’s going to Shape x Trim Cuticles (exclude polish as I’m doing extensions)!

The hygiene standards at AUUM is really high as seen from the above photo, and the below photo where they only use disposable towels, nail files, foot files, and toe separators. All the other tools are disinfected and cured under UV light as mentioned earlier(:

The following photos show the manicurist shaping my nails, trimming my cuticles and buffing them!(:

I felt really relaxed and pampered as you can see from the following photos taken by the bf. Hehe

And finally, my nails are ready to have the extensions on!(:

Again, here’s another unique factor about AUUM!(:

AUUM does NOT carry Harmony gelish polish or any other gel products except for Bio sculpture for both gelish and gel extensions!

This is because Bio sculpture gel is able to strengthen and promotes the growth of natural nails and there is generally less damage done to your nails compared to other gelish/gel products such as Nail Harmony gelish. And it’s definitely more costly to bring it in (compared to Nail Harmony gelish) PLUS the manicurist has to be certified in order to use it!

Ah also, LED nail lamps are used instead of UV nail lamps.

Here are my nails undergoing the Bio sculpture gel extensions – which is vastly different from acrylic extensions which I usually do(: Ah, but I do like the fact that I know that my nails will be less damaged because of this product!

Hehe, my nails look so scary here I know! But was it worth it?(:



Again, these are my nails BEFORE.






AFTER the basic manicure on the nails have been extended using bio sculpture gel to create these gorgeous and very natural looking nails as seen on the right.

Here’s a clearer photo of my nails after they have been extended using the Bio sculpture gel. Looks super natural right?!

But I didn’t stop at there as I wanted some simple nail art as well!(:




TADAAHH! This is the design that I pickedglitter nails with a simple rose nail art to make it look less plain!(:

More close up photos:

Before the rose was painted on..

And after adding the small rose to make it look less plain~

This was the BEFORE -> AFTER of  my gorgeous biosculpture gel extensions with glitter gradient and rose nail art done at AUUM – The Honest Nail Spa!

Overall, I had an awesome experience at  AUUM and I would highly recommend that you drop by to try out their services for yourself!(:

The Grandstand Bukit Timah
200 Turf Club Road Singapore 287994
T: 9471 4969 | E: | W:

3-free/5-free and vegan friendly with treatments and products catered for vegans, pregnant mums, and even kids!

Just wanted to end off by giving my heartfelt thanks to Lung Lung, the owner of AUUM – The Honest Nail Spa as well as the hardworking ladies there for my gorgeous nails! I had a blast  just chit-chatting with you, relaxing at the plushy seats (so did the bf) and overall, we had a really enjoyable Sunday!(:

SUPER in love with my nails and I couldn’t resist flaunting them on Instagram and Facebook after they were done XD

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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