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Girls scream as lost German Shepherd wanders into bus at Eunos

Spotted on STOMP:

Girls scream as lost German Shepherd wanders into bus at Eunos

A friendly German Shepherd was seen wandering around the bus stop at Eunos MRT Station, before boarding a bus in an attempt to follow commuters.

STOMPer Peggy123 thinks that the dog was lost and hopes that it gets reunited with its owner soon.

Peggy123 said:

“This friendly German Shepherd was spotted at the bus stop at Eunos MRT this morning (1 Jul) at around 8am with a collar but without a tag. I think its lost. The dog was very friendly and tried to follow anyone who boarded the bus.

Thankfully the dog didn’t attack anyone and nobody was hurt. Of course, some girls screamed.

SPCA was informed to help the lost dog. May the owner see this post and reunite with his friendly dog soon!”

Should you have any information about the lost dog, please contact STOMP at stomp@stomp.com.sg

Credits:STOMP Singapore

It’s SOOOO cute!
Hope the owner will be found..or if not, some kind soul will adopt this lovely friendly dog!(:

And aiyo girls..why the need to scream? ;/

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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