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VIDEO: Aggressive electrician curses, spits and throws objects at home owner // Wa!

Spotted on STOMP and The New Paper:

Aggressive electrician curses, spits and throws objects at home owner

A home owner had the shock of his life when an electrician turned violent throwing, objects over his gate, cursing and spitting at him.

Electrician turns violent

According to a report in The New Paper, the resident, who only wanted to be known as Mr Kong, called the electrician after he found his number in a newspaper because his power supply was tripping repeatedly. The electrician arrived late however, and he started exchanging vulgarities with the man at the gate. 

Things eventually turned violent when the electrician allegedly picked up and threw two rubbish bins into Mr Kong’s home over his front gate, hitting him on the face, breaking his spectacles and scratching his car. He had also spat at his face over the gate.

Credits: STOMP & The New Paper

Woah..that’s freaking uncouth! How can the electrician behave this way?! Gosh..this makes me super wary of ever hiring people from the classified ads in the newspaper ><

BUT THEN AGAIN, what did the STOMPer do in the first place to make the electrician so riled up? It could be a one-sided story instead right?

What do you think?

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