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The Insanity over the Mcdonalds Hello Kitty Toys

If you didn’t already know..the last Hello Kitty designThe Singing Bone is SOLD OUT at most of the 24 hour Mcdonalds as of 12.30am.

The queues were insane and I heard rumours of a fight over the kitties at Jurong (To be confirmed).

Spotted on 9Gag Singapore, I downloaded the video and uploaded it on Youtube as I can’t embed Facebook videos in WordPress.

Hello Kitty buy until wanna fight! Tension siol!

^ yeah the police had to be called in apparently. can’t really tell what was going on though

What’s happening in the video? Well, as spotted on STOMP:

Drama over Hello Kitty: Police called in after man creates scene during queue
“The guy in white was queuing for Hello Kitty at Bukit Batok Central’s McDonald’s and claimed that people in front had jumped queue. So he asked the Mac managers at around 10.50pm how are they going to handle the situation, and are they going to issue coupons to those in the queue?

Mac managers said there will be enough for everyone. At 11.30pm, Mac started handing out coupons to those in the queue and he didn’t get the coupons.

“He was very unhappy and started abusing the management there, refusing to leave.He and a few others started queuing in front of the counter, bought a meal at midnight and demanded a Hello Kitty even though he didn’t have the coupon. He keep shouting at the mangers, asking the manager (Siew Mei) to resign cause she f**ked things up.

Credits: STOMP Singapore

Other than that..

Can’t get enough of the Hello Kitty craze in Singapore?

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Also spotted on Ebay was this:

The closing bid for the Singing Bones Hello kitty was S$126K! Yes, S$126,000. Obviously the person was trolled. And no..someone DID NOT pay $126k for it if you were wondering. That’s because you can easily make a fake acct to bid, and then not pay and dump the account. Moreover it wasn’t a BUY IT NOW price..so that’s why. Anyway, this is ridiculous..


Meanwhile, here are the photos sent in from my colleagues and the bf who went to queue as well to try to get 1 more for myself and for my colleagues last night. And uhm..nope, didn’t manage to get it XD

Taken at Tampines CC by the bf. The Singing Bone was sold out within 3 minutes at 12 midnight:

And WHY so fast?
Because apparently Mcdonalds started issuing queue coupons

Taken by my colleague, Lloyd at Pasir Ris Sports Complex at 11pm+

Shared by my colleagues on Whatsapp (unknown locations):

Also spotted on Yahoo Singapore:

Singaporeans queue up for limited edition Hello Kitty toy

Singaporeans formed incredibly long queues outside popular fast food chain across the city-state to get hold of a limited edition Hello Kitty toy. Called “The Singing Bone”, it is also the final edition of a toy collection brought in by the chain called “Hello Kitty Tale series”.

1. Singaporeans queue up for limited edition Hello Kitty toy. Photo taken at Anson Road, Tanjong Pagar.

2. Singaporeans queue up for limited edition Hello Kitty toy. Photo taken at Jurong Spring Community Club.

Credits:Yahoo Singapore

Also..I thought each person is only able to get 4 kitties?

Either this person cheated or he brought his family to help him get it:

^ Walao right? You buy 4 per person – that’s fine..but seriously..

Also, saw this hilarious photo from 9Gag Singapore:

Types of People You’ll See in a Hello Kitty Queue

Anyway, Feel SUPER heng that I managed to snag the Singing Bone Hello Kitty at the Mcdonalds event which I attended prior to the launch of the Hello Kitties as seen below.

I hope you guys were lucky enough to snag one!

If not..you might try buying it from the sellers who imported them from overseas ie – Hong Kong and China. But note the difference – it just doesn’t have a box but comes with a plastic wrapper instead.

BUT if you just need it for aesthetic purposes to complete your collection, then I guess it doesn’t matter right? 

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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16 Comments on “The Insanity over the Mcdonalds Hello Kitty Toys

  1. Lucky you have one earlier when you were specially invited for a launch event, I need to queue up 6 hours in the morning to buy at least two , one for my and my friend, I wasn’t so greedy like others which purposely sell them for Profit, a bit sad for those unable to get one before it sold out everywhere at 10 am.

    1. yes, i count myself as very lucky! meanwhile..i know! alot of my friends queued overnight as well. but the worst thing is that they weren’t able to get the kitty and i felt so bad for them. some of my friends specially woke up earlier this morning to find out that the kitty was already sold out wayy then. ;/

  2. Erm. Actually those from Hello Kitty from China are not all fake. They are just a different country version. Anyway, our kitty are also made from China so there is really not much different. Some kitty are actually extra kitty that mcd manufacture. Not all are fake, there are quite a long real ones. All of them have the mcd plastic which I believe is Taiwan version.

    1. thanks for sharing emily! i saw the china version vs the singapore version before and it looked remarkably similar – the only difference was the wrapping/box!

      1. No issue, I just don’t want real kitty buyers to be con. They are selling crazy pricing like S$100/kitty. If that the case, get from taobao. Even after plus shipping will be exceed S$35 for a kitty with box (Hong Kong edition). Those without boxes are even cheaper.

  3. Really sad that we live in a world where we craze for such material items that are suppose to give satisfaction and pleasure.

  4. I wish to buy the Ugly Duckling Hello Kitty. Do you have it ?
    How it cost?

    Pls reply me at Home Tel:67694311

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