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VIDEO: Hailstorm in Singapore?

Wow, if you didn’t know..there were some parts in Singapore that started to rain..hailstones.
Updated: I heard the temperature at Jurong West dropped to 21 degrees!

Don’t believe me?

Watch this video // Taken at Jurong 

A clearer video (crazy hail) by Andy Giger can be seen here:
(Taken at Newton Room at the Science Centre)



Also spotted on EDMW Forums & Twitter:

Also on STOMP:

Hail hits Bukit Batok, Jurong and other western parts of Singapore

Not sure if it’s real rain or because of the recent cloud seeding for the haze?

Updated from The Straits Times:

NEA: Hail not related to cloud seeding; rain is not toxic

The National Environment Agency (NEA) has confirmed that the hail that some residents, particularly those living in the western parts of Singapore experienced, is not caused by the cloud seeding in Indonesia.

It said in a briefing on Tuesday evening, that clouds do not travel that far and the clouds would be going in the wrong direction if it was related as the wind is currently blowing the haze away from Singapore.

Asked if the hail was related to the haze, NEA would only say that it was a possibility but could not give a confirmation. It added that the heavy downpour on Tuesday afternoon was not toxic.

Hilarious Singaporean reaction:

Singapore Woman Hail Reaction REMIX

Regardless, careful on the roads! There were so many fallen trees just now!

The aftermath of the hail, at St Mary’s Church in Bukit Batok

Aftermath of the hailstorm/crazy wind credits HERE:

Lastly, just to share this hilarious video with you:


^ reaction to hailstorm in US

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