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VIDEO: Foul-mouthed woman smokes on MRT and spews obscenities

Spotted on STOMP today:

Foul-mouthed woman smokes on MRT and spews obscenities

Commuters on the North South Line were stunned by the sight of this woman smoking a cigarette on the train. She was also heard ranting and spewing obscenities at people on the train.

**Caution: Video has MANY vulgarities and some racist comments**

Woman Smokes in MRT, Gets High and Talks Rubbish (Full Video)

Several STOMPers sent in pictures and comments about the incident, which apparently ended with the woman being escorted off the train by MRT staff.

STOMPer Jerry wrote:
“This incident is happen inside the MRT at Bukit Gombak Station. She suddenly took out her lighter and lit up her cigarette.
Finally, SMRT officers come in at Choa Chu Kang MRT station and brought her out.”

STOMPer Ng heard about the incident online. He wrote:
“Woman smoking in MRT towards CCK. ”

STOMPer Angie found out about the incident on facebook. She wrote:
“I saw this on facebook of a woman smoking on MRT and acting ‘high’. She is really crazy and kept cursing and scolding others. Could it be the after-effect of the haze?”

STOMPer Lawrence also learned about the incident online. He wrote:
“Woman smoking and shouting vulgarities on MRT. I came across this on my friend’s facebook timeline. I would like to share how inconsiderate this woman is.”

STOMPer Anon wrote:
“I chanced upon this video uploaded by a user on Youtube, showing a female passenger smoking on the train and swearing at other passengers.”

Credits: STOMP Singapore



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  1. stomper angie, u really think its the after effects of the haze? i think u have to get your brain checked out

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