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Woman kills herself and husband because of lousy parking skills // Wth

Spotted on STOMP today:

Woman kills herself and husband because of lousy parking skills

A woman learning to drive in an underground garage in Zhejiang province reportedly ended up dead and also killed her husband after a horrific parking accident. 

According to a report in Ningbo Evening News, the woman hit her husband as he stood behind the car giving directions. He was crushed to death between the car and a wall. The woman died after she struck her head as she was leaning out of the driver’s side door.

She had stuck her head out of the car after hearing her husband’s scream, and accelerated in an attempt to move forward. However, she forgot to change gears from reverse to drive, killing her husband and causing her head to get stuck between the car and a wall.

The couple had two daughters, one of whom was in the car when the accident occurred.

Credits: STOMP Singapore

Oh wth..that is so freaking scary!


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