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How to Wear the N95 Mask?

So if you’re one of the lucky people who managed to obtain a N95 you know how to wear it?

Taken from the Health Promotion Board Facebook page:

Six Steps to wearing the N95 Mask

And here’s the FAQ on the use of N95 masks / surgical masks as taken from MOH:


Stay safe, stay indoors as much as you can. Other good advice as taken from S9gag:

And as much as possible, try to get yourself a N95 mask. Hopefully it will be restocked soon for the safety of all Singaporeans from the general public to the poor construction workers still working in these conditions.

If you don’t have..well, the ONLY option is to wear a surgical mask – even though technically it’s useless – I KNOW! 

Trying my best to import in some boxes of N95 atm, hope it can arrive by next week..

The surgical mask I’m wearing now is provided my company. Thats good because I didn’t manage to get my hands on any masks ><

Lastly, just to share:

Indonesian minister says Singapore ‘behaving like a small child’ over haze


A senior Indonesian minister says Singaporeans are being childish by complaining about the haze, even as the PSI level soared to a new all-time high of 371 at 1pm today (June 20).

According to a report in The Straits Times, Coordinating Minister for People’s Welfare Agung Laksono said, “Singapore shouldn’t be like children, in such a tizzy.’

Mr Agung also rebuked any offer of financial aid from Singapore, unless it was a large amount. 
“If it’s just half a million (dollars), better we use our own budget.”

Haze watch: Nasa captures stunning image of fumes billowing from Sumatra to Singapore

And yes, it’s this bad:

In fact..getting worst daily!


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6 Comments on “How to Wear the N95 Mask?

    1. Hello! Not true, the haze originates from Indonesia and the wind is blowing eastwards to both Singapore and Malaysia and then to South China Sea

  1. Just for your info, that is true Indonesian Gov. Have a part of the blame here in this situation. But, the fact is from 200+ Sumatra’s Fire Spot, 190 of them is in the area of Singaporean and Malaysian Coorporation, which have to burn the forest in order to their need. The mistakes from Indo Gov. is how they failed to supervised this company from not doing ilegal forest burning (which is assumed, “Big Money” is involved).


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