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SHOCKING: Chinese Tourists Take Photos With Dying Dolphin

Yes, China tourists in the news again for all the wrong reasons.

Because today morning on the way to work, I spotted this news of many sites.
First spotted on Yahoo Newsroom and NYDailyNews

SEE IT: Shocking pictures of Chinese tourists posing for snaps with wounded dolphin 

Chinese tourists take pictures with a stranded dolphin on June 16 in Sanya, Hainan Province of China, showing off and using the marine mammal as little more than a prop.

A group of tourists on China’s Sanya City beach have been accused of contributing to the death of a stranded dolphin by pulling it out of the water and posing with it in photographs.

Shocking pictures show the distressed mammal repeatedly lifted out of the water by a group of young men in Speedos, gleefully taking pictures of the creature with their iPhones.

While the photos show plenty of other tourists in the water, none of them appear to do anything about the men. Instead, they are seen queuing up, hoping for a chance to snap their own photos with the injured creature.The animal later died at a local marine park.

China’s Hainan news portal reported that the official cause of the dolphin’s death was from excessive bleeding from its tail, meaning it was likely struck by a fishing boat before it became stranded. The photographs sent a ripple of shock waves across the Internet, with many blasting these yet-unidentified men “having no shame” and having complete disregard for wildlife. Others said the pictures are a prime example of “Chinese tourists’ uncivilized habits.”

The photographs sent a ripple of shock waves across China's Twitter-like platform, Weibo, with many blasting these yet-unidentified men

According to Whale and Dolphin Conservation, stranded marine mammals should be approached with caution, and only after the proper authorities have first been contacted. The dolphin should be placed on its belly, making sure water and debris do not come in contact with its blowhole, which it uses to breathe.

Article Credits: New York Daily News
Additional Photo Credits: ChinaSmack

I mean seriously, I feel so disgusted with their rotten behaviour. Of course not all Chinese Nationals are like that, but so far there has been more negative news about them rather than positive and it really paints Asians in a bad light to the rest of the world, don’t you think so?

Like, just yesterday, I spotted this news on STOMP:

Tigers beaten and tied to tables in China zoos — for visitors to sit on them for photos

Two zoos in China have recently come under fire for tying tigers to tables and beating them with sticks, so that visitors can pose for photos with the animals. Photos that recently surfaced online show a Siberian tiger cub strapped down to a wooden table, while visitors posed for photos while sitting on it.

Abused: A tourist laughs as one of the men armed with sticks makes sure the animal faces the camera

Tiger gets a smack in the head so it will pose for pictures

In the second incident, video footage circulating online shows a tiger being beaten with sticks while made to pose for photos with visitors. It is not known where this happened exactly. It is said that the dazed and confused-looking tiger had been drugged.

Credits: STOMP Singapore & DailyMailUK

In May 2013 this year, I also spotted this on STOMP:

Video of tiger abuse at a China zoo upsets public

Shocking video of tiger abuse in zoo in China

Two men were caught mistreating a tamed tiger by repeatedly slapping it and jumping violently on its back, sparking outrage worldwide.

Credits: STOMP Singapore

And in January 2013 this year, spotted on DailyMailUK

Are these the world’s cruellest zoo-goers? Chinese visitors pelt frightened lions with SNOWBALLS 

  • Helpless lions take cover as group – including children – hurl snow at them
  • Attack ‘launched by young man who laughed as he pelted animals’
  • Other animals at the zoo in Hangzhou, eastern China, were also targeted
Lions react as tourists throw snowballs to them at Hangzhou Zoo on January 5, 2012 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province of China
Helpless: The two lions cowered together as snow was hurled down into their enclosure by the crowd above at Hangzhou Zoo in Zhejiang Province, eastern China
Tourists throw snowballs at lions at Hangzhou Zoo on January 5
Bullying: A group of visitors – some just children – bombarded the lions with snow from the side of the pen
Lioness cowers in the corner as the pair are barraged with snow
Frightened: The lioness, clearly scared, ducks down as snowballs fly past her

The attack was reportedly launched by one young man, who began to take aim at the big cats with a barrage of snow and ice. The attack clearly frightened the helpless animals, with the lioness swiftly taking cover under a wooden plank.

Credits:The Daily Mail UK

I really feel so sorry and enraged for all the abused animals..


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