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Qoo10 x mitsueki // SBA 2013 – Qoo10 Loot 8 & 9 (Dessert)

Desserts desserts desserts!

I really love desserts especially the cold kinds ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt, YUMS!(: And with Qoo10, I was able to snag not one, but TWO awesome dessert deals that I’ve shared with you in my previous blog post as seen HERE.

And as promised, I’m going to share my dessert eating experience at both Gelateria Italia and Red Mango that I bought from Qoo10!(:

>> CLICK HERE to read my Qoo10 Mobile App Guide! <<
>> CLICK HERE to read my Qoo10 Mobile App Guide! <<


>> Qoo10 x mitsueki // SBA 2013 – Qoo10 Loot 8 (Dessert) <<

1. Gelateria Italia Qoo10 Deal: THREE Scoops for S$3.90

Rows and rows of delectable gelato awaited Crystal and I as we approached Gelateria Italia at the basement of Plaza Singapura after a dinner catch up session over at Astons at Cathay earlier.

According to the Qoo10 deal as seen below, we were able to choose 3 different flavours in a cup! GOSH, we were SO spoiled for choice XD

And here’s the e-ticket voucher which I printed out as mentioned HERE to redeem my Gelateria Italia Qoo10 Deal!

After an agonizing 5-10minutes of browsing and tasting the array of flavours available, we finally decided on our 3 choices!(:

Here they are:

– Ferrero Rocher
– Baileys Cream
– Cookies and Cream

Tadaaahh! Doesn’t it look soooo good?!

And yes, all the flavours complimented each other and I really like them! My favourite is definitely the cookies and cream while Crystal says that her favourite is the Ferrero Rocher. I was quite surprised too that the Baileys ice cream tasted greatit was my first time trying it, but my regular ol’ cookies and cream was the bomb! XD

And take a look at how HUGE the serving is – it was totally overflowing from my cup! And because it was so big – I shared it with Crystal ^^

The usual price for this gelato is S$9.80 and we only paid S$3.90 all thanks to Qoo10! This works out to be S$1.30 per scoop for this delicious gelato!(:

Worth it?


This deal can only be bought from..Qoo10! So keep your eyes tuned for such offers on the Qoo10 website!(:


>> Qoo10 x mitsueki // SBA 2013 – Qoo10 Loot 9 (Dessert) <<

2. Red Mango Qoo10 Time Sale Deal: 1 4oz Cup with 1 free topping – S$2.50

Do you like frozen yogurt?

Well, I do!

And I never thought I would like yogurt actually till I tried my first from Frolick and fell in love with it. This is the second brand of frozen yogurt that I’ve tried which is from Red Mango located at Wilkie Edgewhere my office is located at!(:

As mentioned here, I bought this e-ticket deal on Qoo10 for a cup of 4oz Red Mango frozen yogurt with 1 free topping at just S$2.50! The usual price is S$4.80 ^^

So how do I redeem it?(:

Well, I just have to show my e-voucher ticket on my Qoo10 Mobile app to the person and she will do the necessary! And tadaaa, my e-ticket has been redeemed!(:

Yums, I went on a Monday after work and had a choice of the flavoured frozen yogurt (Grapefruit) or Original. I opted for the Grapefruit flavour, but the machine wasn’t I had to make do with the Original 🙁

The cup is the smallest available cup as seen below – 4oz, but it’s not really that small don’t worry!(:

And I also get a free topping! Unfortunately, not alot of selections were left as you can see >_<~

So in the end, this is my frozen yogurt – ORIGINAL flavour + Orange Pops!

Doesn’t it just look so yummy? 😀

Teehee~ I’m so happy that I managed to snag this Qoo10 time sale deal of only S$2.50 for this cup of delicious frozen yogurt – if not, I would have to pay S$4.80 instead! So stay tuned to Qoo10 for such awesome offers such as these! ^^

All these were made possible, ONLY at Qoo10!(:


So..ready to shop?

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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