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Qoo10 x mitsueki // SBA 2013 – Introduction to Qoo10 Mobile App

Shopping at Qoo10 has never been easier with the launch of their mobile apps such as Qoo10 Mobile as well as Qtalk!

So let’s focus on the Qoo10 Mobile app first – which is available for download for free on both Android’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store as seen below!(:


Now, if you were wondering why you should download the Qoo10 Mobile app..

Well, that’s because, you get access to daily mobile special deals and events – exclusive to Qoo10 app users only!

Take a look at some examples as seen below!

1. Special Mobile coupons

2. Events and opportunities to win awesome prizes

3. A special Mobile roulette to win Qstamps, coupons, callpoints and other prizes

4. Mobile App only – Lucky Auctions!

And of course..there’s so much more!(:

Wow right? And that’s really something I like about Qoo10 a lot because they make shopping so much more fun!

And best of all, it’s REALLY convenient to use it on the go as the Qoo10 Mobile app also enables you to browse products and make purchases at Qoo10 just like on their normal site – except this time, this is all done with your mobile phone!(:

From here onwards,  let me show you how to shop around to find some awesome deals on the Qoo10 Mobile app like what I’ve done(:


>> mitsueki’s Step by Step Guide to Shopping Using Qoo10 Mobile App <<

First of all, click on the Qoo10 Mobile app as seen pictured below:



One of my favourite categories as mentioned previously in this post HERE, will be the Time Sale category because of the awesome deals you can clinch at Qoo10.



I also browsed around and stumbled onto these E-ticket deals as seen pictured below. And as a fan of yogurt, my eyes immediately zoomed onto the Red Mango yogurt deal!


It was a time sale offer of S$2.50 for a 4oz cup of normal or flavoured yogurt from Red Mango including a free topping as seen below:


The reviews look very positive, but I wanted to see more details about the offer, so I clicked on Item Details to see more!


Basically, after clicking the Item Details above, you’ll be able to view more details about the offer – like in this case, the usual offer price is S$2.80 (normal retail price is S$4.80) and it’s only available at 2 locations. You can scroll down to see more details that the seller has put up as well!


My mind was set after that and I decided to buy it immediately! Even though the time sale discount shaved off ONLY an additional 30cent discount but that’s still a REALLY good deal because I usually get my yogurt from Red Mango priced at the usual S$4.80 – and now, I’m getting it at S$2.50 all thanks to Qoo10!

So as you can see below, I added it to my Cart and proceeded to place my order through my the Qoo10 mobile app.


The ordering process is really simple and there are just 2 steps! The first step is to fill up your necessary details as seen below:

And the next step is to select your mode of payment! Plus Qoo10 offers loads of payment gateways for you to choose from so feel free to take your pick!

I paid using my sponsored Qoo10 credits and tadaaa, my order is COMPLETED!


Almost immediately after the payment was verified, I received an SMS from Qoo10 with my Red Mango Coupon code too:


Then if you check your QPost, it will update the status of your order/payment as seen below:


Once that is done, you can access your e-voucher by clicking on Q Box -> e-Ticket voucher as seen below:


To use it, all you have to do is to show the voucher to the shop – for this instance, it’ll be Red Mango.

And how did my Red Mango experience go?(:

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At about the same time, I was randomly browsing through the Qoo10 app when I chanced upon this other irresistible offer.


Like OMG, it’s THREE scoops of gelato from Gelateria Italia for ONLY S$3.90 on Qoo10!! The usual retail price for the 3 scoops is a whooping S$9.80! So obviously..I bought it XD


Using the same method as shown in my Red Mango e-ticket purchase, I made my S$3.90 Gelateria Italia purchase from Qoo10!


WOOO was SUPER happy when I made my purchase because this deal felt SO worth it! XD


Oh and did you know?

Other than redeeming your e-ticket voucher on your phone, you can also opt to print out the hardcopy as well? BUT this has to be done on your computer, not your phone!(:

So here’s my order details in the Qoo10 main website, and I clicked on My E-Ticket.

And it’s ready for printing!


Here’s the e-ticket voucher printed out(: Can’t wait to go eat my gelato! Hehehe!

And how did my Gelateria Italia experience go?(:

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>> Click HERE to read about my Qoo10 x Gelateria Italia Review <<


All these were made possible, ONLY at Qoo10!(:

So..ready to shop?

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Till later, ♥ mitsueki

Author: mitsueki

Hello! I'm mitsueki aka Daphne and I blog at! Follow me on IG for more updates too!

12 Comments on “Qoo10 x mitsueki // SBA 2013 – Introduction to Qoo10 Mobile App

  1. Seems like mobile apps have become something that we cant live without. I admit, I’d speak of that too.
    Speaking of apps, here’s one whole lot different app for corporate events. Mostly like a one time app for a recurring event each year. Check out this link for the video and for other details about this awesome app: Mobile app for Corporate Events

  2. Hi had downloaded the app but, I’m not too sure how to buy 2 purchases at one time from the same shop? Or must I use it on a com pop terms instead?
    Is it possible that you do another post on how to buy more than 1item from the same shop so that I can save much on shipping shipping rates?
    Much appreciated =)

    1. Hi SooMin,

      I haven’t tried purchasing more than 1 item from a shop before using the Qoo10 mobile app as I kinda prefer using the computer to purchase. Well, I might go and test it out in the future when I’m more free alright?(:


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