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Qoo10 x mitsueki // SBA 2013 – Qoo10 Loot 7 (Apparels)

Qoo10 x mitsueki // SBA 2013 – Qoo10 Loot 7 (Apparels)

Do you still recall my Qoo10 Shopping Guide which I posted on the first week of June? In my shopping guide, I showed my step by step guide for my first Qoo10 purchase at an apparels seller called G_LovelyShop.

>> Click HERE to view my Qoo10 Shopping Guide! <<

And guess what! My apparels from the Qoo10 finally arrived recently(:

So just a recap, from G_LovelyShop on Qoo10, I had bought 3 apparels as seen from below:
– 3 Apparels – S$28.50
– Qxpress (+S$2.24)
Total Damage: S$30.74

I had been waiting for my 3 new apparels to arrive from the Qoo10 seller for awhile and I was so happy to finally receive them! Also, I don’t know about you, but sometimes I do opt for registered mail because I feel more secure when I can track my items, but of course, that’s really an individual’s preference! So here I am, looking happy with my 3 apparels that reached me last week when I came home from work!(:


Dress 1

This is the first apparel that I picked from the large catalogue that the Qoo10 seller had available. The pretty and dainty piece was one of the pieces that caught my eye instantly because it just looked so sweet and it was totally my style!(:

And here is is unpackaged!

And then hung up for your viewing pleasure!(: Looks exactly like that in the above pictures right? I think so too! I forgot to try this piece on and I was too busy admiring how pretty it was. Hehe, will post it up at a later date okay! OH and just to mention, it does come with inner lining!(:


Dress 2

Since denim is one of the fashion trends right now, I really wanted to get myself a denim dress for quite awhile and that was when I spotted this dress. Plus the pictures made the dress look so appealing, hence, I decided to get it!(: Again, it’s another sweet and feminine piece that I like. Hehe!

Again, here is unpackaged!

Sorry about the wrinkles! I didn’t have the time to iron them out before snapping a photo of it!

Ehehe, and here I am wearing it in it’s wrinkled glory! I think it’s totally cute and I love the sky blue color and puff lace sleeves! The material is also rather thin even though it’s made for denim material so it’s not very hot(:

Also comes with a free ‘belt’basically a white string as seen below to give yourself some shape if you’d like! Love it!(: Again, don’t mind the wrinkles! >_<


Dress 3

Last but not least is YET another sweet looking denim dress, ehehehe. Well, I always liked dresses with sleeves as well and this looked like it could fit my fat body shape so I went ahead to get it!

Whoo, and unpackaged (again!) as seen below:

Lol, very crumpled and wrinkled I know – sorry about that! But you can tell that it’s pretty similar to the product picture shown by the Qoo10 seller right?

I think that it looks pretty decent despite all the wrinkles and such, I can forsee that it might be one of my favourite dresses in the future as it’s so comfy! Again, it’s made of denim, but it isn’t thick! There isn’t any inner lining as well, but you don’t have to worry as it’s not see through. The stretchable lace sleeves also makes wearing the dress relatively cooling in our super hot weather too!


Overall, I’m really happy and satisfied with my apparel loots from Qoo10 and I’m so excited that I’m able to share them all with you!(: Can you believe I ONLY SPENT S$30.74 on these 3 awesome apparels from Qoo10?! That’s really cheap right?

All these were made possible, ONLY at Qoo10!(:

Psst..don’t forget to confirm your delivery when your item comes – you get a free Q stamp too if you leave a review ^^


So..ready to shop?

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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