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Three-year-old boy dies after drowning at Siloso Beach // Omg

Spotted on STOMP today:

Three-year-old boy dies after drowning at Siloso Beach

A three-year-old boy died after drowning at Siloso Beach yesterday (June 16).

According to a report in Berita Harian, three year-old Haziq Anaqi Mohd Hafiz was pronounced dead at 1.14pm at Singapore General Hospital (SGH). The toddler was at the beach with his five year-old brother and his mother. A spokesperson for the SCDF said that an ambulance arrived at 12.10pm and that they also tried to revive the boy at the emergency ward in SGH. The police classified this as unnatural death and also said that investigations are ongoing.

In an email to Berita Harian, Senior Divisional Director for Sentosa David Goh, said that they are working to provide aid to the family and are helping the police with the investigation. He also added that the incident happened at 11.50am.  He also explained that the Sentosa rangers and beach patrol were activated to look for the boy when he was reported missing.

STOMPer Kelvin who was at the scene, said that the lifeguards managed to locate the boy in the water 15 minutes after his mother noticed he was missing.

Kelvin said:

“A distraught Malay mother was on the beach shouting for her lost son. Then I realised that she was frantically looking for her younger son and her older son did not know the whereabouts of his brother. He was nowhere to be seen in the beach and waters. The lifeguards were called in and they went to search for lost boy.

He was fished out of the waters about 10 to 15 minutes later. The paramedics were called in and the boy was rushed to hospital subsequently. It was sad to witness this incident on a Fathers’ day but this serves a stark reminder to mind your kids especially near water.”

Credits:STOMP Singapore

That’s really sad to hear..but the first question that came to my mind is – how and why did her son go missing in the first place?  Well, since the police has classified it as an unnatural death at this moment, then we’ll see what happens after the investigation then!

Regardless, RIP to the poor boy..


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