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Haze reaches ‘unhealthy’ level in Singapore // PSI: 111



Updated 20 June, 9.30am

The Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) hit a new high of 321 at 10pm on Wednesday, higher than the previous peak of 226 in 1997 and right into the “hazardous” range of above 300, according to data from the National Environment Agency (NEA).

Credits: Yahoo Newsroom

Updated 19 Jun 13, 2pm

PSI: 170


Updated 19 June 2013, 1pm

Taken from The Straits Times today, LATEST 12.58pm – The PSI reading in Dumai, Riau reached 400 at 10am today.


The PSI seems to be 152 according to the NEA website, but it feels like 200+!

View from my office – can you even spot Raffles City?!

haze, singapore haze


Updated: 18 June 2013, 10.30pm

PSI: 122 at 10pm

The NEA has summarised the air quality categories as based on PSI and how they affect your general health.

Updated: 17 June 2013, 11.30pm

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 11.48.51 PM

Started off with a PSI reading of 56 at 7am this morning and it has risen to 150 by 11pm. Hope it’ll drop soon. Starting to feel rather uncomfortable breathing the air.

Updated: 10pm

The Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) reading JUST HIT 152 today at 10pm! And that is REALLY unhealthy as seen taken from this image from Singapore General Hospital’s Facebook page:


For your beloved pets, this is what haze does to their health too..so take care of your furkids!


Posted at 7pm:

This is crazy, the Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) reading in Singapore reached 111 this afternoon at 4pm and hopefully it won’t get worst as the week goes by.

Haze reaches ‘unhealthy’ level in Singapore

Singapore’s haze situation worsened on Monday as the Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) crossed into the “unhealthy” range of 111 at 4pm. It had earlier climbed from 55 at 9am to 80 at 12pm, according to the National Environment Agency (NEA).

Any reading between 101 and 200 is considered “unhealthy”. 

The smoky-smelling haze from Indonesia shrouded skylines and was visible on street level at various places.  Marina Bay Sands was cloaked in smoke as the burnt smell pervaded the central business district.

The haze, brought about by prevailing winds from the fires in Indonesia’s Sumatra island, has affected Singapore since 13 June 2013 and is expected to continue over the next few days.

NEA advises on its website that people with existing heart or respiratory ailments should reduce physical exertion and outdoor activity. So far, the haze has not affected business or air transport.

Over the weekend, the haze situation also hit “unhealthy” levels in neighbouring Malaysia. The Malaysian pollutant index showed readings of 102 and 121 in parts of Pahang, Terengganu and Malacca on Monday.

Singapore experiences hazy weather conditions on a yearly basis when winds from Indonesian forest fires blows over the region during periods of persistent dry weather conditions. The last time the PSI went over 100 in Singapore was on October 21, 2010, when it hit 106, according to local media.

Credits: Yahoo Newsroom

And lastly to end off with some hilarious pictures taken from 9Gag Singapore:

And this as well:

And this too from 9gag again:

Sometimes, looking out of the windows at my office place makes me feel as if I’m in Genting, but of course, this isn’t very good if it happens in Singapore.

Genting Highlands

Anyway, I just hope that everyone will take care during this period especially with the dengue epidermic and now with the bad haze.

Let’s hope the haze will be gone soon!


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  1. Getting frustrated w the haze in Singapore! Went out last night and I choked. Everyone choked!
    Who’s to blame for the haze? I’ve just blog bitch about it!!

    NEW POST: Haze Worsens in Singapore – Who’s To Blame? Apparently Singapore and Malaysia too.

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