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Lexus spotted burning fiercely on Bukit Timah flyover

Spotted on STOMP today:

Lexus spotted burning fiercely on Bukit Timah flyover

STOMPers Vicky and Lychee both spotted this Lexus burning fiercely on the PIE, with its driver nowhere to be seen. The burning car stopped traffic on both sides of the flyover.

The STOMPer wrote:
“There is a massive jam on both side of the PIE! A Lexus caught on fire on the Bukit Timah flyover. I wonder if anyone was hurt.”

Lychee wrote:
“Car on fire along the PIE. The car was seen at the Bukit Timah exit of the PIE in the direction of Changi Airport.”

Credits:STOMP Singapore

Well, I was also on the way to Jurong to do a delivery to a customer when I spotted that exact car. By then, the fire had pretty much burned the car into a crisp. I had a perfect view and was going to snap a photo when this stupid tua leng gong  (truck) blocked my view, but you can see the car skeleton at the side.

It caused a HUGE traffic jam on the other side, and I was so glad we were not stuck at that area. Oh and before that, there was another accident where a car knocked into a motorbike (which caused another jam) as well. Goodness, so many accidents spotted in one day!

Anyway, seems like the driver managed to get out the car safely, wonder what happened though? ;/


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