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Have fake eggs hit S’pore? // Ewww!

Spotted on STOMP:

Have fake eggs hit S’pore? This one is gelatinous and an odd shade of yellow

STOMPer Soon was disturbed by what he found when he cracked an egg open for breakfast — a gelatinous blob in a weird shade of yellow. He is concerned scammers might now be selling fake eggs in Singapore.

The STOMPer wrote:

“Is this egg fake? Early this morning I wanted to cook some Maggie mee, and I found that this egg looks like the kind of fake eggs I saw in videos from China.

Is the fake egg scam in Singapore now?”

Credits:STOMP Singapore

That is SO gross! Was that a fake egg?
You can watch this video to see how the people in China make the fake eggs:

What do you think?


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