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RIP ‘Noose’ stars Barbarella, Leticia and Lulu // Byebye :(

Spotted on Yahoo Newsroom:

RIP ‘Noose’ stars Barbarella, Leticia and Lulu

Seems like this is the end of the road for Barbarella, Leticia Bongnino and Lulu. The much-loved characters of breakout Channel 5 comedy hit “The Noose”, all played by Singapore host/actress/director, Michelle Chong, seem to have met an untimely death.

Chong (@immichellechong) tweeted on Friday afternoon, “So what’s this I hear about Mediacorp’s Higher Management banning me from playing Barbarella from now on?”

The 36-year-old quickly followed that up with “They not gonna sell character license to anyone to use my characters anymore so no more Barbs, Leticia, Lulu etc anywhere.” She added in Mandarin, “there’s no need to be afraid if you have the ability”.

Yahoo! Singapore understands that a disagreement between Michelle Chong and Mediacorp senior management led to her leaving “The Noose” after Season 5. Season 6, which started airing in April, does not feature Chong. However, Chong continued to portray the much-loved characters in a series of property ads such this one.

Michelle Chong – Jewel @ Buangkok TVC

With MediaCorp likely to be the ones to “own” those characters, it seems like Chong — or anyone else for that matter — has been barred from portraying those characters in public anymore. Which is a shame because Chong and her characters was a big part of why the Emmy-nominated “The Noose” was the best thing to come out of Channel 5 in recent years.

Chong, a former Asian Television Awards Best Comedy winner, has since branched out into directing with her first feature film, Already Famous, in 2011. She also has her own film production company and last year, started her own artiste management agency.

Credits: Yahoo Newsroom

Whose gonna miss her iconic characters eh?(:

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