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Qoo10 x mitsueki // SBA 2013 – Qoo10 Loot 4 & 5 (Mobile)

Qoo10 x mitsueki // SBA 2013 – Qoo10 Loot 4 & 5 (Mobile)

One of my absolute favorite categories to browse through almost on a daily basis is the TIME SALE category over at Qoo10 because you never know what exciting deals you can get there. And if you were wondering..what’s so great about Time Sale items?

Well, that’s because you can find already discounted items at EVEN further discounted prices!(:

Kekeke, who doesn’t love discounts right? Oh and you can access it by clicking on the Time Sale link on Qoo10 as seen pictured below(:

In this case, I was totally eyeing this Time Sale deal of a portable charger at a Time Sale price of S$7.50 and planned to purchase it after work. Unfortunately, I FORGOT to note the timing of the Time Sale which was between 3pm – 6pm only and hence, when I tried to purchase it at 7.30pm after work, I realized that it went back to it’s original price of S$12.00.


Damn, a bargain was missed!
So the moral of the story: see a good Time Sale deal – just get it. -.-

Also, there are always different timings for the Time Sale items, so always take note!(:


Moving on, I really wanted to get a portable charger for my smartphone because the battery keeps dying on me so quickly when I’m out. I was also looking for something compact and light (and CHEAP) so I went to search for one on Qoo10 as seen below. I liked the first seller because the reviews seem decent and best of course, the price looks decent!

Psst..if you’re still not sure how to shop at Qoo10, do read my Qoo10 Shopping Guide HERE.

>> Qoo10 LOOT 4: BugisVillage <<

From BugisVillage on Qoo10, I bought this mobile phone charger on a promotional price (yay for early bird discount!) as seen from the above:
– Perfume Power Bank 2600 mAh (Pink) – S$6.90
– Normal Mail (+S$0.80)

Total Damage: S$7.70

Here are the product details taken from the Qoo10 seller:

I’m always pretty satisfied with the delivery time of most of my items bought from Qoo10. This came speedily to me over the next few days (along with most of my Qoo10 loots). Came well packaged in bubble wrap (removed it but you can slightly see it at the back).

So the mobile phone charger from Qoo10 really looks like that in the picture from the seller. I love that it’s so light and compact which is EXACTLY what I needed as my bag is really heavy most of the time. There is also this light fragrant smell emitting from the charger which I found rather pleasant as well(:

Most importantly, the next step is to TEST if it actually works or not!(: And well, if you’ve never used a mobile phone charger before, here’s how you do it:

1. Charge the mobile phone charger first

Generally all chargers come with this 2 way USB cord.

When you use this way (as pictured), the charger is being charged using your laptop/computer power. In my case, it will light up as seen. To know if it is fully charged, in my case, the light will go off! In some mobile chargers, they even have a battery indicatorbut of course it varies from model to model(:

Tadaaa, and time to see if this mobile phone charger really does charge my phone!(:

As you can see from the battery indicator, it’s CHARGING 😀

I charged for about 30 minutes before heading to bed, and it rose from 4% to about 15- 20% if I remember right? But I haven’t really got to test it out fully at the moment yet.

Well, the important thing is that it works and that extra battery life is so important sometimes!(: That’s why I’m super happy with my S$7.70 mobile phone charger loot from Qoo10! Might get myself another mobile phone charger with more mAh power in the future if I see any from Qoo10!(:


>> Qoo10 LOOT 5: iBelios Store <<

I was just browsing though random Time Sale deals on Qoo10 late at night at about 4am when I chanced upon this Time Sale deal which looked mighty enticing (and cheap!). The usual price was S$2.00 (excluding postage) but due to the Time Sale, it’s now S$0.99!

So I went ahead to get a mobile screen protector for my phone from this Qoo10 shop(: Plus it’s a Buy 1 get 1 Free deal, so that makes it double enticing!

Screen Protector (Buy 1 get 1 free):
– Screen Protector (Matte) – +S$0.55 option
– Normal Mail (Free)
Total Damage: S$1.54

Here are the product details taken from the Qoo10 seller, and as mentioned, I selected the Matte option:

Ja-jiang! Here’s the packaging(: And at first, I was a little dubious because the image showed an iPhone and iPod..but my phone is a Samsung S2. Still, there was a little sticker there, so I held my hopes that it was really a cover for S2. Other than that, remember? I mentioned that it was a Buy 1 get 1 Free screen protector. But I only received this one packet..unless there are 2 inside.

And I was right! There were indeed TWO screen protectors inside the packet.

Including a cleaning cloth for the phone.

So here’s my phone before sticking on the screen protector:

I’m not the best at putting on a screen protector for phones, but I’m going to try putting it on mine! But just note there are 2 sides to the screen protector as seen below:

1. Peel off screen ward (1) before application. Then stick it onto your phone carefully to avoid air bubbles from forming to the best of your abilities.

2. After sticking it on, remove Screen ward (2) after sticking on the Screen ward (1).

Tadaaa, my matte screen protector is finally on!

As you can tell, the screen is no longer as glaring as before, so it’s better for the eyes(:

And the MAIN reason why I bought the matte screen protector is because it’s super annoying to see my fingerprints all over my phone. So this is BEFORE:

Greasy prints which you have to constantly wipe away:

After placing the matte screen protector..

NO MORE greasy fingerprints. YAY!

Bwahahaha, what a deal right? S$1.27 for 2 matte screen protectors from this Qoo10 seller? Me gusta(:

All these were made possible, ONLY at Qoo10!(:

Psst..don’t forget to confirm your delivery when your item comes – you get a free Q stamp too if you leave a review ^^


So..ready to shop?

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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