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Seafood restaurant pays $6,000 for 270kg grouper caught in S’pore waters!

Spotted on STOMP today:

Seafood restaurant pays $6,000 for 270kg grouper caught in S’pore waters

A 2m-long Queensland grouper weighing some 270kg caught off Singapore’s easternmost point has fetched $6,000, and will feed at least 700 customers. With even 100kg fish considered rare these days, the catch is an exceptional one. The monster fish was hooked near Pedra Branca.

According to a report in the Straits Times, it took a forklift and seven men to move the fish into the kitchen, and then more than 10 hours of cleaning before Mr Johnny Tan, 52, owner of seafood restaurant Grouper King, could serve it to customers yesterday.

He had received a call from a fisherman at about 1am on Tuesday and went to Senoko fishing port personally to witness their catch. He added that this is the largest grouper he has seen in his 20 years in the business, and was shocked to hear that it was hooked this close to Singapore.

According to Johnny, the ‘good’ parts of the fish, such as the head and the throat, were snapped up by customers almost immediately. The rest of the fish is enough to feed at least 700 customers, and will go for about $90 per kg.

It seems fishermen are still pulling large fish from the waters off the coast of Singapore as well as inland. An angler caught a stingray weighing about 50kg at East Coast Park, while in December last year, a group of foreign workers caught a huge fish in a drain in Sungei Kadut.

Credits: STOMP Singapore

Wow, that’s really a BLOODY BIG fish! And ehh, I noticed alot of comments saying that they should kept the fish alive instead of selling it for a profit. Look at how much he’s earning:

He paid: S$6,000
Approx Price per kg: S$90
Weight of Fish x Price per kg: 270kg x S$90 = S$24,300
Profit: S$24,300 – S$6,000 = S$18,000 (max profit)

Your thoughts?(:


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