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Dog dead after groomer left it in car boot and told owner it was stolen

Spotted on STOMP today:

Dog dead after groomer left it in car boot and told owner it was stolen

The dog that was returned on the brink of death to STOMPer Katherine by a groomer was not stolen like the latter had told its owner. The pooch had been locked in the groomer’s car boot and is now dead.

In an earlier report yesterday (Jun 11), Katherine had left Brownie with dog groomer World of Pets, only to be told it had been stolen from his car just half an hour later. He said he left the dog by the car for just five to 10 minutes and returned to find that someone had taken the pooch.

Female staff from World Of Pets telling Katherine that Brownie was seen being taken away

A few hours later, Katherine spotted the groomer running across the street while carrying Brownie, and realised that the dog had been left in the rear compartment of the groomer’s car and forgotten about. Its internal organs were blocked and its belly was bloated. Brownie was taken to an animal hospital, where it died a few hours later despite efforts to save it.

In an email to STOMP today (Jun 12), Katherine wrote:

“My dog has passed away. I have attached a screenshot of a staff member from the groomer conveniently lying through her teeth that someone saw the dog being stolen when it was being locked in the boot of their car the whole time.

The first vet I brought my dog to said it was suffering from heat stroke as temperatures rose to as high as 40 degrees Celsius. The bleeding was caused by a burst vessel. Its liver and kidneys stopped functioning too.

AVA is currently doing an official post-mortem.”

Credits: STOMP Singapore

Wow, that’s really unacceptable behavior from a dog groomer. In the first place, why did the groomer lock the dog in the boot of the car? Even if they were transporting the dog, why can’t the dog BE in the car? It’s not like it’s full of fleas or anything.

I really feel sorry for Katherine for the loss of her dog especially since it’s caused by the negligence of the dog groomer. This pet shop is really highly irresponsible and I can’t believe they tried to lie that the dog was stolen to cover their negligence/mistake.

This is the dog groomer’s address FYI:

1003 Serangoon Road
Singapore 328166

Wouldn’t recommend you use them as a groomer.


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