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Termites devour Guangdong woman’s life savings of $82k // Holy Crap?

Spotted on STOMP today:

Termites devour Guangdong woman’s life savings of $82k

An elderly woman kept her life savings of 400,000 yuan (around S$82,180) wrapped in plastic and in a wooden drawer at home, only to find the money chewed through by termites six months later.

According to online news reports, she had been given the money by her children, and only noticed the damage recently when renovating her house.

Fortunately, she brought the currency notes to a bank, where staff spent an entire day scanning and manually counting the remaining cash. All but 60,000 yuan worth of bank notes was replaced.

If you think stashing away your cash at a bank could have avoided this problem, you would be surprised to know that just last month, termites chewed through $230k worth of currency notes at a bank in India despite the money being kept in a steel chest

Credits: STOMP Singapore

Lol, ikr! My first reaction was to express my utter shock that this happened.

But well..luckily for the old lady, most of the yuan was replaced. Wonder what about the money in the bank? Was it replaced too? Lol


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