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TGIF Dinner at A.Venue Bistro Cineleisure

So last Friday night, I attended the media launch of the Cornetto First Online Licking Challenge x Cornetto Engima Cookie at Orchard Cineleisure with my lovely plus one, Crystal. You can read about it HERE.

At the event, I was one of the first few to try out the Cornetto Engima Cookie in Singapore before it was launched. So yeah, dessert before dinner. Hehe, regardless, we were still really hungry after the event as we didn’t have dinner beforehand.

It had been awhile since both of us had been to Cathay Cineleisure, which is a favourite teen spot hangout for many Singaporeans. And we were just walking around in circles finding a yummy and affordable cafe to eat, we managed to find one at Level 3!(:

So here’s introducing..

A.venue Bistro (Cathay Cineleisure Orchard)
8 Grange Road #03-06/06B
Cathay Cineleisure
Tel: 67332270

It’s a smallish cafe and if I’m not wrong, is a relatively new cafe opened recently. There were still plenty of seats available and the menu looked pretty decent and affordable so that was why we selected to try it out!

Here’s a peek at the A.Venue Bistro’s menu:

They also have a couple of combo promotions:

Meanwhile, we both felt like having pasta that day, so we selected 2 different pastas to try out(:

And here’s a random selca shot taken before our food arrived!

The waiting time was relatively long, but we were informed by the service staff beforehand previously, so that was fine with us. Now, time to see if the food was worth the wait! ^^

1. Combo A (+ S$3.90)

Crystal selected Combo A which includes a soup of the day and a drink. For that day, it was pumpkin soup which I wasn’t really a fan of, so I decided not to select the combo. And boy did I regret it because that pumpkin soup was DELICIOUS! At first I was like meh, and asked Crystal for a taste, and mm, I helped her finish like half the bowl XD So you can tell, I really liked it!

2. Combo B (+S$4.90)

Initially I wanted Combo C but they didn’t have wild mushroom soup…so I selected Combo B which came with a Caesar Salad and a drink. Well, the Caesar Salad was nothing special to exclaim over but it was alright. Would have loved to try the wild mushroom soup though! 🙁

3. Linguine Chicken Ham & Mushroom Alfredo (S$8.90)

Crystal selected the Linguine Chicken Ham & Mushroom Alfredo to try. It came with a generous portion of linguine and chicken ham as seen pictured alongside with a heavy dash of chopped garlic. Luckily Crystal really loves garlic so she liked it alot! I thought the dish was fine, but it was just too garlicky for my taste.

4. Penne Carbonara (S$10.90)

For myself, I selected the Penne Carbonara which came with a nice egg yolk, bacon and of course, penne. Oh and I mustn’t forget to mention, the chef really enjoys his garlic so again, there was a heavy hand in my pasta. Still, I quite enjoyed my carbonara and I liked it better than Crystal’s ;p Hehe, was so full after that – yum yums!

In total, we paid about S$15+ or so each for our meal which I thought was pretty affordable considering the fact that food was decent, atmosphere was comfy and most importantly, I had great company – yay for gossip, chitchat and girl talk! Hehe.

Meanwhile, I would recommend you try out A.venue Bistro if you are ever around Cathay Cineleisure. For myself, I would be back too to try out the Wild Mushroom Soup and maybe the Baked Cheesy Penne if ever I wanted to go for a after work dinner date with Crystal around Orchard!(:

A.venue Bistro (Cathay Cineleisure Orchard)
8 Grange Road #03-06/06B
Cathay Cineleisure
Tel: 67332270


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