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Power 98FM Evening Drive Time Show: The Ex-Factor // Premiers 10 June 2013

A diehard fan of Power98FM?

Lifestyle radio station, Power 98FM revealstheir brand new Evening Drive Time show with two Ex-es. 

Yes, ex-es working together? Who would be crazy enough to do that?
Mister Young and Jacqui, that’s who.

Once romantically involved, they will now be hosting a juicy, noholds-barred show to rock the airwaves.

First radio show of it’s kind in Singapore
The Ex-Factor is the first radio show of it’s kind in Singapore. Every dirty secret, badhabit, and button to push? They know it, and aren’t afraid to use it. You’ll get to hearMister Young and Jacqui take it out on each other, especially in the quirky and fungames they have lined up for the show.

The Ex-Factor Trailer 1

The Ex-Factor Trailer 2

“It’s must hear radio as the chemistry is definitely there but so is the drama! I think it’ll be interesting because we can’t bullsh*t with each other. It will be us at our most rawand unfiltered.” Quips Mister Young, who is also the Assistant Programme Director ofPower 98FM, ‘this is definitely a show where sparks will fly!”

<The Ex-Factor> premieres on 10th June, Weekdays, 5 – 8pm on Power 98FM

So stay tuned for The Ex-Factor starting tomorrow, 10th June from 5-8pm only on Power98FM!(:

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