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Cornetto First Online Licking Challenge x Cornetto Enigma Cookie!

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I’m pretty sure that you’ve eaten or at least heard of the ice cream brand, Cornetto right?

Cornetto was launched over 50 years ago in Italy and has grown to become an iconic ice-cream brand enjoyed all over the world. It is a firm favorite, particularly among teens, with its rich crown of nuts and chocolate, crispy wafer, soft ice cream and, above all, delicious chocolaty tip.

And what was the event about?

Well yesterday, Cornetto launched the World’s First Online Licking Competition and it’s new Cornetto Enigma Cookie in Singapore! Having said that, at the event, Crystal and I were one of the first few people in Singapore to participate in the first online licking competition and most try out the Cornetto Enigma Cookie (S$3.20)!(:

So here I am at the event booth outside Cathay Cineleisure yesterday and naturally, I snapped a couple of photos. Hehe.

We were also wowed by the performance put up by SMU’s Samba Masala who performed with the cute Cornetto mascot as seen here:

But most importantly, they gave away free Cornetto Enigma Cookie cones away to members of the public during the performance too!

Naturally, I received one to try too!(:

Teehee, so let’s talk about a little about the Cornetto Enigma Cookie (S$3.20) first shall we?

According to Cornett – the new Cornetto’s Enigma Cookie, is a cookie-flavoured ice cream topped liberally with crunchy cookie bits and filled with a smooth and irresistible soft chocolate sauce core that’s oh-so-delicious. Love the ending with the most prized part of any Cornetto, the chocolate-filled tip! Will be retailing at S$3.20

Sounds good right? Kekeke.

And here it is unveiled in it’s YUMMY glory!

To me, it tasted rather different from the usual Cornetto as it was definitely creamier, crunchier and just full of cookie bits! Hidden inside is some delicious chocolate sauce too! And and..don’t forget the super crispy wafer cone right down to the Cornetto’s signature chocolatey tip! Man, it’s really awesome to be eating ice cream during this hot weather, and I would definitely recommend you to try it the next time! ^^

So enjoy the ride and LOVE the ending with Cornetto!

Other than being able to try out the Cornetto Engima Cookie ice cream, as mentioned, I was also one of the first few in Singapore to participate in Cornetto’s First Online Licking Competition!

Cornetto today launches the first Cornetto licking competition in the world; an online challenge against Nick Afanasiev, the man who has reached world fame due to the talent and length of his tongue.  The online challenge puts Cornetto fans in Singapore through a wacky and engaging experience with its tongue-in-cheek videos, warm up practices and the lick challenge.

Then you must be on EARTH do you participate in it right?!

Well, from now till July 2013, the Cornetto Lick booth will be visiting youth hangouts like Cineleisure, Downtown East, Sentosa and selected schools and at the booth, you will be able to enter the lick booth  either alone or with a couple of friends to participate in the challenge!

And here’s how to participate:

Click on START and start licking the ‘virtual cone’!

Here’s Crystal participating in the online licking challenge:

And myself XD

It was pretty hilarious and fun and all of us managed to score over 35,000 points in the challenge! Hehe. And I would recommend that you drop by one of the Cornetto Lick booths/roadshows whenever you’re nearby because you stand to win awesome stuff (and free ice cream!)

Cornetto Lick & Win Challenge!

  • If you challenge Nick by participating in the licking challenge – you get a FREE Cornetto Enigma Cookie ice cream!
  • Get 35,000 points and above – you get either a FREE Cornetto tote bag or mug (customized)!

So what are you waiting for?

Head down to any of the venues on the following dates and times to participate!(:

Venue Date Time
Cineleisure Orchard (Beside Starbucks) 7-9 June 12pm – 8pm
Bugis Junction (Beside the fountain) 15-16 June 12pm – 8pm
Downtown East @ Level 3 E-hub 22-23 June 12pm – 8pm
Sentosa (Beach Station) 29-Jun 12pm – 8pm

Alternatively, participate in the challenge online (literally) here:

Lastly, I would like to end off by giving my thanks to Cornetto Singapore and the lovely people over at GolinHarris for inviting me to the event! What a great way to end off my Friday!(:

Enjoy the ride and love the ending with Cornetto! ♥

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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