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Qoo10 x mitsueki // SBA 2013 – Qoo10 Loot 1 (Accessories)

Qoo10 x mitsueki // SBA 2013 – Qoo10 Loot 1

Yay! If you didn’t know – I’m a finalist for the Singapore Blog Awards in the running for the Qoo10 Best Online Shopping Blog! I even have a vlog available HERE. So as a finalist, I’m sponsored $100 QCredits to shop at Qoo10 and I’ll be sharing all my purchases on my blog(:

Psst..btw have you read my Qoo10 shopping guide yet? Read HERE if you haven’t!

Well, at this moment, I’ve spent ALL of my sponsored $100 QCredits and my Qoo10 loots are slowly arriving to me one by one. And today, I’m really glad to share one of my first Qoo10 loot which is from TwistofBlack (formerly known as Impulse)!(:

>> Qoo10 LOOT 1: TwistofBlack <<

From TwistofBlack on Qoo10, I bought 2 necklaces as seen from above:
– N0016
– N0098
– Normal Mail

Total Damage: S$13.00

My package came very speedily after placing my order on Qoo10 last Friday. And as you can tell, it was very well packaged!(:

Inside I opened up to discover a pleasant surprise – that the owner of TwistofBlack on Qoo10 had sent me two additional items other than the 2 necklaces that I’ve ordered! Thank you so much!(:

Yay! I really really loved them all and they were indeed true to the pictures seen in TwistofBlack’s shopfront(:

Can you believe these gorgeous pieces cost just S$13.00 including delivery from TwistofBlack on Qoo10?


As seen, this is the first item which I selected from TwistofBlack on Qoo10:

1. N0016 (Necklace) – S$7.00

It’s just so lovely and chic, perfect to pair for most of my office outfits – which is exactly why I picked it(:


2. N0098 (Lightning Bolt Necklace) – S$4.50

The 2 criss crossed lightning bolt of this unique necklace caught my eye while I was browsing through all the necklaces catalogues that TwistofBlack on Qoo10 carries. I was not disappointed with it(:


3. N0110 Love – (Necklace) S$4.50

I didn’t expect to receive this additional necklace and it was a really lovely surprise! It’s such a pretty and delicate piece which I can pair with almost any outfits!(:


4. B0109 (Bracelet) – S$6.00

I also received this extra pretty bracelet from the TwistofBlack seller which looks great paired with the first necklace. Love it love it!(:


After receiving all the items, you mustn’t forget to confirm your delivery on your My Qoo10 page okay? It’s a MUST!

And the main reason why is because Qoo10 will only release payment to the seller upon your confirmation! I think it’s a really good procedure because Qoo10 is basically making sure that you as a buyer will receive your item(:

Oh by the way, if you do forget to confirm your delivery, don’t worry, Qoo10 will definitely send you a reminder email like this below:


After confirming your delivery, you also have the option of submitting a feedback or review about the products received. It’s great that you are able to voice out your opinions about what you’ve bought – plus it comes with certain benefits too(:

So here I am writing a feedback for one my items received, and in return, I get a Q-stamp! And if you were wondering what the Q-stamp is for at Qoo10..stay tuned to my upcoming blog posts(: So the best is to keep them if you have any!

To receive an additional Q-stamp and a $0.50 coupon – just submit a PREMIUM review!(:

Once submitted, your  feedback will be displayed at the shopfront’s feedback area at Qoo10 like mine!(: As a person who always refers to the feedback from customers before purchasing as mentioned HERE, it’s really helpful and appreciated!

Well, that’s it for my first loot from Qoo10! I’m really happy and satisfied with my purchase where I only paid S$13 (what a steal!) and I hope you liked it too!

And if you don’t already know, the shop that I purchased from is called: TwistOfBlack on Qoo10!(:


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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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