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iwantrevange // My Cheating Wife

I first spotted this site called iwanrevange from EDMW forums last week as seen here, but I totally forgot to write about it at that point of time.


*Please TAKE NOTE: R21 Explicit Messages in this post*

Basically what’s going on here is this guy discovered his wife has been allegedly cheating on him with another guy and he started the blog to expose her.


So what he did is this:

He gave her a new mobile phone where he installed in an app called Handphone Spy to track her messages/location etc.


Then he went on to show how he used the app to track her location and showed her messages between the two adulterous couple.



In his defense, he also wrote why he was exposing everything – including all the R-21 rated messages.


But is it as it seems?

Because at first I was like oh man, poor guy! Then after reading my fellow blogger, Catherine (Singapore’s Complain Queen) blog recently, I started having my doubtsthanks Catherine for bringing this up.


>> Click HERE to read her blog to find out why <<
>> Click HERE to read her blog to find out why <<

Here’s a sample taken from Catherine’s Blog:

Suspicious point #4:
I decided to do a WHOIS checkup of the company’s website.

It is stated that the website was created 4 months 19 Days ago.
In other words, this means that the company is relatively new… And I will not be surprised if they are using this marketing gimmick to gain more exposure.

Now… Just as I was about to conclude this, I discovered another suspicious point…

Observe the date of the posts that contain screenshots.
It shows 16th May 2013

Now..Zoom in to the screenshot that the author posted.
It states 17th May 2013.

How in the world is he able to “predict” and know about the SMS exchanges ONE DAY BEFORE? If this article were to be posted on 18th May 2013, I would still say it’s believable. BUT one day before? That is a big loophole.
It’s just like he can predict those SMS exchanges in advance. LOL!

Credits:Catherine (Singapore’s Complain Queen)

Hmm, gotta say these are valid points of suspicions yes? Well, what do you think?

  1. Is this a REAL case OR
  2. As Catherine says – just a marketing gimmick for the app: Handphone Spy?

To be honest, I’m not very sure now myself!

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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One Commnet on “iwantrevange // My Cheating Wife

  1. It’s possible the time on the blog is US time, while the screenshots are Sg time? Since US is 12-15 hours (depending which US time zone) behind Singapore, this is totally plausible. I’m not saying the blog is truthful, I’m saying that the time difference is not a dealbreaker.

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