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Lee Kum Kee Media Invite: Bento Making!

I was recently invited to the media launch of three new Lee Kum Kee products:

  • Chu Hou Paste (The first in Singapore!)
  • Pure Sesame Oil
  • Tomato Ketchup

At the event, Crystal and I spent an enjoyable evening learning how make our very own bento sets for the first time making use of the new range of Lee Kum Kee condiments taught by Shirley.


THE COOKING PROCESS: Whoopie Spaghetti & Buddy Bun Bento Set!

So here’s our workstation which Crystal and I shared with 2 other bloggers – Maybelline Sim and her friend.

Started off with writing my name on my banana (part of the bento):

And here are some of the photos of the cooking/preparation process of the Whoopie Spaghetti & Buddy Bun Bento Set! Most of the ingredients were already prepared earlier so it was pretty easy to do the cooking!(:

Here’s making the meat patty with Lee Kum Kee condiments added into it:

And then cooking the patties:

Cooked the mushrooms as well!

The end product: our delicious meat patties!

These patties are placed on top of the pasta which is tossed using the Lee Kum Kee condiments:

And then spoon them into little cute boxes:

The vegetables ‘salad’ with the Lee Kum Kee tomato dip were also put together by us as seen here:

At the same time, Chef Crystal was helping to make the sandwich fillings – it’s gonna be an egg sandwich btw!(:

Finally moved on the fun part – learning how to make the adorable buns characters from Shirley.

It was really fun and here’s the outcome of our hard work! Our lovely and super cute bento boxes!(:


Maybelline’s Friend – J.S


And MINE! 😀

We were so proud of our creations, so I couldn’t resist taking more photos of them(:

And these were all made using the Lee Kum Kee condiments as seen pictured!

These are the ones done by Shirley – amazing right?

Hehe and mine there too XD


We ended off the event with a group shot kindly taken by Calvin Huang of Glamour Wave Photography(:



Heehee, and how’s the taste like? Well, I went home to try it out and to my surprise, it tasted REALLY GOOD! (How can it not right? lol!)

The 2 sides we made:

My Rilakkuma Bun!

My random smiley face bun!

Last photo before I start to eat!


Still can’t believe I made them! They are really easy to make and because of the addition of the Lee Kum Kee condiments, it made the bento taste even better!

  • Chu Hou Paste (The first in Singapore!)

  • Pure Sesame Oil

  • Tomato Ketchup

All the above products are available at DFI stores such as Cold Storage, Giant and many major supermarkets!



If you’re interested in the receipe for making the Whoopie Spaghetti & Buddy Bun Bento Set using the Lee Kum Kee condiments, here you go:

Other than the Whoopie Spaghetti & Buddy Bun Bento Set, there are 2 other bento sets that we didn’t make but here are the pictures for your viewing pleasure. Aren’t they super cute? XD

  • Hello Kitty Rice Bento Set

  • Noodle Doodle Bento Set

Other than bento sets, here’s another 2 recipes that you can make use of using the Lee Kum Kee condiments as well:

  • Seafood Mee Goreng

  • Sesame Oil Chicken

As mentioned:

All the above products are available at DFI stores such as Cold Storage, Giant and many major supermarkets!


Lastly, I would like to give my thanks to Lee Kum Kee and the lovely ladies from Brand Cellar for the invitation – thanks for the invite!(:

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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5 Comments on “Lee Kum Kee Media Invite: Bento Making!

  1. awww, I am glad you enjoyed the bento workshop!!

    Your bento creation is a success! the sleeping bear is very cute! 🙂 if this has spark off your interest in cute bento creations, come by my fb 🙂 cheers

    1. Hi Shirley!

      Thanks for dropping by my blog! And your creations are super cute, both on your blog and what you made yesterday! Thanks for teaching – hehehe Cant believe I made them! and surprisingly easy to make too 😀

      I might try my hand at making others when I have the time, but its rather time consuming! >< You really must spend a lot of time doing it – I really applaud that!

      Best of luck in the Best Cooking Blog! I've dropped you a vote(:


  2. Good morning need help on chu hou sauce. Couldn’t find them in fair price or cold storage. Do u know where can I get a bottle in Singapore? Thanks.

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