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Bloggers stage 24-hour “blackout” to protest new MDA licensing regime

If you didn’t know about the new MDA licensing regime, then I’m quite surprised.

But did you hear about this?

Singapore bloggers black out sites in protest of MDA licensing scheme

More than 130 Singapore-based websites are taking part in a 24-hour online blackout in protest of the government’s licensing scheme for news websites. By Thursday morning, at least 134 sites blocked access to their content while providing a redirect link to a page called#FreeMyInternet, the name of an online movement started by prominent socio-political bloggers in Singapore.

The page carries a line that reads, “This is what it feels like if you are not able to read or know”.

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Bloggers stage 24-hour “blackout” to protest new MDA licensing regime

SINGAPORE: Websites by some prominent bloggers in Singapore went offline at the stroke of midnight today on Thursday in protest of a new licensing regime for local news sites with substantial reach.

The 24-hour “internet blackout” is spearheaded by a group of 32 bloggers and socio-political websites, known as “Free My Internet”. They said the new rules which require local news websites with substantial reach, to come up with a S$50,000 bond and comply with a take-down notice within 24-hours, will limit public discourse.

Some websites went black even before midnight. As of midnight, the group listed about 100 websites and blogs which it said have joined in the movement. It has also started a petition calling for the withdrawal of the licensing regime. As of 12 midnight on Thursday, the petition has garnered 2,751 signatures.

On June 8, the group will be staging a protest at Singapore’s Speakers’ Corner.

The rules, which took effect on June 1, are part of efforts to get people to be responsible for their actions online.

Authorities have said that online news sites must also be subjected to the same kind of accountability and responsibility as “offline” news media. Authorities added that the new rules are not a clamp-down, as websites can continue as per normal because they are subjected to the same content standards as before.

Only 10 sites come under the new regime — they mainly belong to the mainstream media.


I was really worried when this new regime came out as I too blog about current affairs, news and sometimes on our Singapore politics. And though it has been said that blogs won’t be affected..FOR NOW..

IMG_20130605_1 (1)

What about in the future?

Because of this, in protest I will be joining the blackout (I know I’m late) but it’s never too late right?

Till later,
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