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SingTel and food bloggers issue challenge to Gordon Ramsay // Wa!

Spotted on HungryGoWhere:

SingTel and food bloggers issue challenge to Gordon Ramsay

Will British chef Gordon Ramsay’s cooking skills trump those of a Singapore hawker?

Gordon Ramsay challenge issued
Karen Wee of superfinefeline’s challenge

At 10am on 5 June, a challenge was issued to Ramsay by Singapore’s more popular food bloggers. With the support of SingTel, they have asked the most (in)famous awardee of Michelin stars to engage in a cook-off with the country’s most popular hawker.

Daniel Ang of Daniel’s Food Diary asked on his blog: “So Dr Leslie Tay asked if a Michelin star chef like Gordon Ramsay can fry a plate of char kway teow as good as Hill Street’s Mr Ng? Well, even though chef Ramsay has 14 stars under his belt, the answer is maybe (with no offence intended) no.”

Should Ramsay accept the challenge, he will be invited to Singapore to pit his cooking skills against the hawker of choice.

The most popular hawker will be determine by the public via a poll on HungryGoWhere.

Food bloggers who have joined forces to issue the challenge include Daniel Ang of Daniel’s Food Diary, Phillip Lim of Keropokman, Karen Wee of SuperFineFeline, Rayner Ng of HisFoodBlog, Leslie Tay of ieatishootipost, Catherine Ling of Camemberu and Melissa Koh of Melicacy.

The challenge is the result of recent debates about hawker food not receiving international recognition, such as Michelin-starred accreditation. The challenge also stems from the public’s concerns about the decline in, and preservation of, Singapore hawker culture.


Eeek. I hope he does accept the challenge! It would super excited to watch! 😀

Love watching Gordon Ramsey on MasterChef/Hell’s Kitchen/Kitchen Nightmares! ><~
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  1. Lol this is stupid. Michellin star chef needs to know how to cook Char Kway teow? Plain stupid.

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